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  1. Some loud silk thread scored from Joann's . Partridge and Orange, Starling and Green
  2. Just a simple one, can't compete with you guys on here. Starling and Muskrat
  3. Nice pattern, seems that color change to suit active insects would work great.
  4. A chunk of flea collar will kill the insects in the hair.
  5. I usually sit down at the table when my sons are doing their homework doing the school year. I can lean over to help if they need and get to spend some extra time with them that way.
  6. well here is an update , they came out a little better. The gills liked them for sure.
  7. I will use that tip, thanks , I'll have a few for critique after the weekend
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys. When tying them, I thought the thorax and hackle was much closer to the eye than it actually was. I try to be very conscious of not crowding the eye so I will work back to it. On the vise, it appeared to be much closer, but pictures don't lie. Thanks again for the positive feedback.
  9. Hoping to get some input from some of the guys on the site. I tied a few of these the other night hoping to get some interest from some Brookies in a small stream north of me. Hackle is Olive india Hen, Yellow danville 6/0 thread, with a peacock herl thorax and some wool yarn dubbed on red danville thread done on a spinning block. I know they will generate interest from the brookies but was hoping to get some criticism as far as scale and bulk of the flies. I have thick skin, been married for over 20 years , so please any thoughts you could share would be appreciated. These are on a size 16 hook.
  10. Sounds like a great opportunity to source some cat zonkers... It has been considered
  11. I picked a Danvise up last year and had apprehensions about the durability of the jaws. It's the first vise I have ever owned. The instructional CD that came with it was very informative. It takes a bit to get the fell for how tight is too tight , but after a bit it does become second nature as others have stated. I will be purchasing the extension soon as the back of the clamp does get a little cramped at times. I am not an expert by any means. The vise seems to do what I need it to do and met the price point I needed. I dont tie alot so I am expecting it to last a long while.
  12. My neighbors cat stalks the birdfeeder in our backyard. He always leaves a few feathers behind from his kills.
  13. Higher prices are not from greed. The higher prices are because someone will pay what they ask. So, therefore the price wasn't too high. The price is too high when people refuse to pay what is being asked. The market will check itself. Similar to fast food workers wanting $15/ hr for their wages. If they can get it, awesome. You won't find me eating there.
  14. Mr. Flytire, I recieved the envelope yesterday evening when I got home from work. I would have loved to have sat down and test drove it but furnace issues and 15 degree temperatures in Michigan had to put it on hold for a day or two. Friday the new furnace comes. I think I will tie a few while its being installed. Thanks for your generosity.
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