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  1. As usual ESPN's coverage of hockey was brutal. Instead of showing the Canada-Russia final, they decide that billards was more interesting I guess they figured that American hockey fans would tune out once team USA lost in the semi-finals. On the other hand, TSN showed games that didn't include team Canada. The Americans may have been the home team, but they couldn't sell out a single game.
  2. I haven't tried blue as for some reason the local shop doesn't carry it. I always forget to ask them to order some for me. I use black jelly wire for the ribbing and swiss straw for the back. So far, pink has been a killer.
  3. Developed this pattern last winter. It's similiar to the Rusher's nymph found on the Orvis website. I named it cold stone as I used ice chenille. I tied them using pink, orange, white and chartruese. The bright thorax against the black body really stands out. I have the recipe on my website http://www.steelheading101.com
  4. Watching Foxnews and damage was incredible. The waves looked almost harmless in some of the videos until they hit shore and kept building. The amount of debris moved was amazing. I heard the earthquake was so strong that the entire island of Sumatra moved 100' to the southeast.
  5. Found this funny Christmas flash movie http://www.jokaroo.com/ecards/holidays/chr...gchristmas.html
  6. I got a lot of small things that I needed in my stocking. I got a much needed theromometer, tippet holder, Drennan floats, and new fly box. I also got a hooded sweater, wool socks, vest watch, and a net. For having a great year with work my wife and I bought a 56" Toshiba HD rear projection TV before Christmas. I watched the Packers / Viking game and the picture quality was awesome!!!!
  7. There was a spiny water flea pattern posted on steelheadsite's Ohio forum. In last year's Plain Dealer outdoor section. They had an article about a study done by the ODNR. They found out from steelhead stomach samples that the number one food item found was the spiny water flea, followed by smelt, emerald shiner and midges. I was surprised that steelhead would feed on something so small.
  8. Thanks for the link, Nick. I fed up with leaky waders, I patch one hole only to leak somewhere else. I have a pair of Cabela's neoprene and they given me nothing but grief. The Hodgmen's breathable are no better. I sent an email to the coporate office to see if they ship to Ohio as they're retailer in the state.
  9. http://www.ultimateflyfishing.com/Merchant...tegory_Code=BTR
  10. I have a pair of Cabelas 5mm neoprene stocking waders I bought 5 years ago and I put them through a lot of abuse. I consider myself a diehard steelheader, so I'm hard on gear. I have patches of Aquaseal all over my waders. Here in Ohio, the worst culprit for leaks are buckthorns. The thorns can puncture the skin and those little annoying leaks start to develop. Also, get gravel guards, because gravel and small rocks will start to rub against the neoprene and leaks will occur. Nearly every person I know has had leaks in their waders whether they're boot or stocking waders. Overall, my Cabelas are bargain since I paid $55.00 for them. They're comfortable, warm and snug. I would buy another pair in the near future.
  11. If you're going this weekend, use the smallest fly possible. We haven't had any rain ever since remnants of hurricane Frances radically altered some of PA's streams. There are fish in the lower sections of the Elk and Walnut. I heard from a couple of people that #18 sucker spawn and black stones were catching fish. Both of them were using 4# tippets. I might head go to the Connie this Sunday...........good luck.
  12. I got one last Christmas from my wife and I've found it to be a great vise for the price. The jaws hold the hooks securely and it rotates smoothly.
  13. That's the yarn, I buy at Micheal's. Another great yarn was the Christmas with glitter. I'll have to check Walmart out for the chenille.
  14. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Steelie Junkie: Greg's hex
  15. I'm leaving next Friday morning (17th) with 9 other guys for the Pere Marquette and staying until the 22nd. I haven't gotten all of the details, but I know we're staying near Pickerel Lake. When are you going?
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