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  1. I am looking at buying a new 6 wt. I will be doing some carp fishing with it so I want something with some backbone. What are your favorites for under $300?
  2. Has anyone ever used this? How did you like it? Would it work for making bigger dubbing brushes for bass and pike flies?
  3. I have some Rainy's diver/popper heads and would like to tie some divers and poppers with them. Does anyone know of any step by steps that use the pre-made foam heads?
  4. Adam, do you mind showing a step by step for some of these flies? They look great.
  5. I sometimes find myself fishing off brushy banks and my line is constantly getting tangled on the brush. Do any of you use stripping baskets to avoid this scenario? Do they work well and are they hard to get used to?
  6. Yep, we flew out of Winnipeg. We were around Norway House, MB.
  7. We had one big pike that unfortunately we weren't able to release. That was the one we were dipping in the butter. Otherwise we ate walleye for almost every meal. It was the best walleye lake I had ever been to as far as average size goes, no huge fish but they were all 18-24". You could catch as many as you wanted too. I would have liked to get more hookup shots too, our 4th guy had to drop out so we ended up fishing 3 in a boat which was a little crowded and made for some pretty amateur film work. It was in Manitoba and was unguided, they dropped us off at the lake and picked us up a week later. They stopped in once to restock our beer supply.
  8. Here is a video I put together of my trip to Canada this summer.
  9. Remember that Montana has great stream access and you can go anywhere on any river as long as you stay below the high water mark.
  10. They were all pike, we caught 11 that were from 40-44". I was amazed at how many walleyes we caught on flies while we were targeting pike. It was the best lake I have ever fished as far as the average size of the walleyes, we didn't catch any under 18". We would keep 3 or 4 every day for our evening meal.
  11. Some pictures from a trip to Canada in June. Thank you to FIN-ITE34 and others for helping with leader setup and other questions I had.
  12. How does a guy go about posting pictures?
  13. The "Destinations" forum seemed a little dead so I thought I would try posting here instead. I am going to a graduation in Yakima, WA next weekend (May 20th) and I'm hoping to do some fishing to make the most of my trip. I will be coming from central MT so I will be going through Coeur d'Alene on the interstate. I am hoping to get some input on places to fish along the way. I would prefer to fish for pike but would also be willing to fish for trout or bass. It sounds like there is some good pike and bass fishing around Coeur d'Alene. I would think pike fishing would be prime right now but the water still might be a little cold for bass fishing. Trout rivers may be blown out soon if they aren't already but maybe I'm wrong. Could anyone recommend some places to try along the way? I don't expect anyone to tell me about their secret spots but at the same time I will likely never be back there. Feel free to pm me and I appreciate any info.
  14. Can anyone recommend a nice kayak for under $500? I am mainly looking for something that I can easily load into my pickup by myself and that is fairly stable in the water. I plan to do some fishing out of it but it doesn't necessarily have to be a fishing specific kayak.
  15. I have been tying up a bunch of flies for an upcoming pike trip to Canada. Since it has been winter here, I hadn't been able to test any of my flies until this past weekend. I went out Saturday and tried each different style to see how they would swim. The big tube flies and EP fiber baitfish all sat and floated nearly horizontal in the water in between strips. When I would strip in the deceivers and rabbit strip type flies, the heads would sink in between strips. This doesn't look very natural to me, do you think it will bother the fish? I have never fished a deceiver before, is this what they are supposed to do in the water? I was wondering if I wasn't using enough of the thicker, more buoyant pieces of bucktail, or maybe my hooks are too heavy. I have been tying most of these flies on 3/0 Partridge Universal Predator X hooks. Maybe these flies are just meant to be stripped faster so the head doesn't have a chance to sink, or maybe it doesn't matter to the fish if they swim this way. Let me know what you all think.
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