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  1. For some reason I get stuff from John in Michigan quicker than I get stuff from Atlanta. Usually I order it and get it within two days.
  2. John McLain does sell true seal fur as he has gotten it from old military jackets where it was used as insulation and has some other sources. A small bag (1 gram) of that stuff really goes a LONG way. I have tied several size 4/0 Green Highlanders and still have quite a bit left. If you are using it for nymphs there is no telling how long it would last. John has about every color imaginable on his site. http://feathersmc.com/products/show/Seal%20Dubbing
  3. I can't log in. Says that I don't have permission to view the board.
  4. What is the eta for the classic forum being back on line? I can't take it man, I am having withdrawals.
  5. Very nice work Damian! I really like the conversion and think that there are many other patterns that we tie that could translate quite well to tubes.
  6. Glad to see you finally made it here. Now wander over to the Classic and Artistic forum and make yourself comfortable.
  7. I will take 3 XL size in black, red and forest. Can't wait to get my shirts....I just know they will make me a better tyer.
  8. Matt Inman

    XM Radio

    Do they have a Classic Fly tying channel? If not, I'm not really interested. Doesn't this belong on the Lodge?
  9. I live in South GA and love to get to the mountains whenever I can to fish for trout but I wouldn't head up to the Atlanta area due to the limited opportunities. Helen, Ga and the surrounding areas offer much more in the way of fishing for me as you can find fishing for any type of stream you want. Unicoi Outfitters http://www.unicoioutfitters.com/ is the premier shop in the area and they are always willing to help and have some great private waters if you choose that route. Call Jimmy Harris or any of the other guys at the shop and ask where they are hearing is hot this week. Smith's Creek (delayed harvest), Dukes Creek (trophy waters), the Chattahoochee and numerous others in the area make it a better choice. The delayed harvest are usually kept to very good standards and are great for people who don't get to go as often as you are more likely to have at least a little success and won't go home skunked. Also look at the message board on NGTO http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ngto/index.html is a great resource for all of the North Georgia streams. Hope this helps.
  10. Have a look at these hoppers that are very easy and should take a piece of yellow foam available from any craft store or most Wal-Marts. http://georgiariverfishing.com/GAarticles/...pper/Hopper.htm They look great and are simple to make also. I make mine with a wing from Deer hair instead of the flash but most anything will work. These are much easier than the balsa to me and cast better in my opinion.
  11. There is no other alternative other than the Fly Hive. Get one for less than $50 shipped and you will have it all together and organized. I love mine and consider it money WELL spent. If you travel and tie, this is the best option by far.
  12. I helped Oatka get infected with salmon flies. Does that count for anything?
  13. Did you try posting this in the wet fly forum? This looks like a MOM fly and we have Mr. MOM himself and Lee to give advice on using Woodie flank as a wing. You have to twist the stems using flat pliers to twist in a rotation AWAY from the hook shank to get the stems to set correctly on most full featherwings. I would assume that the same rules will still apply. I hope this helps but I would really point you to ask the professionals over in the classic wets forum.
  14. 1) Jock Scott 2) Popham 3) Black Ranger 4) Torrish
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