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  1. For some reason I get stuff from John in Michigan quicker than I get stuff from Atlanta. Usually I order it and get it within two days.
  2. John McLain does sell true seal fur as he has gotten it from old military jackets where it was used as insulation and has some other sources. A small bag (1 gram) of that stuff really goes a LONG way. I have tied several size 4/0 Green Highlanders and still have quite a bit left. If you are using it for nymphs there is no telling how long it would last. John has about every color imaginable on his site. http://feathersmc.com/products/show/Seal%20Dubbing
  3. I can't log in. Says that I don't have permission to view the board.
  4. What is the eta for the classic forum being back on line? I can't take it man, I am having withdrawals.
  5. Dave, could you do your best impression of the Trag's mating dance and post the video here?
  6. I really like the overall effect of the fly and it's shape and must prefer that I think I prefer a shortened version to the really long stretched out versions. Nice work!
  7. Dave's take on this is exactly what mine is also. Grass green is the color I think of when I think of a Highlander. Now what type of grass is really up to you as Kentucky Bluegrass is a completely different color than other grasses but I think you get the idea.
  8. At the Somerset show, everyone kept mentioning a Bonne Bouche that Paul Little had tied on the FlytyingIreland page and Dave Gotz mentioned that it was his favorite classic ever. Paul did a wonderful job on his fly and yours is equally impressive. Definitely one of the most beautiful flies I have seen from you or anyone else. Paul would be proud! Nice work my friend. Carne is back in the swing of things and I couldn't be happier! :thumbup:
  9. I think it looks nice but the two things you mentioned would look good also. Nice work!
  10. Looks good to me and though I prefer the version using seal fur (don't remember which one) this one is very nice.
  11. Looking great to me also Frank! I really like the shape but wish you wouldn't add the reverse curve near the tips as you shape the wing. The throat and hackle are just a bit too long but the weight is very nice. Great work, let's see another.
  12. I think it looks quite nice. I agree with the others comments and give you kudos for tying a wing with no sides. If this fly had any sides or cheeks you would have never known of the slight crease in the orange. Nice work, love that herl underwing.
  13. I don't think there are many people on this forum more capable of giving an opinion of this bird and it's use to the fly tier. I think that anyone who is selling the item would love to have their item called cheap as it would cause people to bid up the price.
  14. I must be dreaming because I see two flies with the same name.
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