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  1. I have a little plastic box for trimmings from Antron, flashabou and the like. I just cut em into short pieces when they go in the box, and someday I'll use them for a little added sparkle when blending dubbing. I have another little box for hackle tips too short for palmering. I always have Adams and mosquito wings that way. Chenille stubs make fuzzy SJWs. Short pieces of the wretched cheap braided nylon i use for backing does alright for little black caddis wings when teased out with a bodkin. The core of the Mylar braid I use for Zonkers is perfectly good Antron yarn Little zonker ends make durable tails for small leeches or buggers. Leader butts, after I have broken them off too many times, can be used to make weed guards on pike flies. I don't try to salvage marabou butts any more, and generally not thread unless I have an immediate need for a herl wrap or very small rib. .
  2. I bought a package of foam door hangers at a craft store, looking for 4mm thickness for some larger Gartside Gurglers. The foam is too hard to use for Gurglers, so I'll probably end up laminating two or three layers and punching out some 5-6mm popper bodies. The colours are useless, so I'll likely end up giving them a couple coats of white soft head anyway. I built a couple of Al's Wiggle Frogs out of disposable foam earplugs, cut on the bias. Worked okay. They would probably do alright as poppers too. Mine certainly wouldn't look as nice as those in the pics though.
  3. Checking out the photo post process, with a #14 Parachute BWO(ish) and a #20 Thread Midge Pupa... I can't seem to find 2XL #20 hooks anywhere, so the midge is a little short.
  4. I doubt there is much schist being used as countertops. Most has either got too much mica, hence little or no strength, or garnets which would chew hell out of saws and polishing equipment.
  5. Frogs done, just need to know where to send 'em.
  6. I generally loathe video how-to, but with the subtitles I can leave the sound off and still get something out of it. I'd still rather read than watch, but this works. Well done!
  7. If you use them for bait, you need to know what you are doing. A number of freshwater clam species are endangered, and can get you a big fine.
  8. Empty shells are generally from muskrats, mink, and raccoons. Fish don't really eat them, except for drum in some cases (drum will eat small zebra mussels and Asiatic clams).
  9. I use an old tube of Burt's Bees for both. Problem solved, since I don't use either very often. I hate it when I'm taking an odd moment at work to look for a pattern online and all I can find is videos. Doesn't anyone READ anymore? I can't open a video in my cubicle. For one thing, it would disturb colleagues nearby. For another, it would look bad if the boss walked by, even though I am entitled to breaks. Ditto for websites that blast sound when they open.
  10. Weird reaction, but if it doesn't change anything but colour, it is probably a positive. Red is a great trigger colour.
  11. Wow, and I thought I had some obscure reference books (lol). They seem a little bendy, but I'll see what I can do with them.
  12. The vest patch keeps me from putting wet flies back in the box. I put 'em on the patch, and in a few minutes they're gone. No fly, no wet, no problem.
  13. It's a VMC 9283; There's a drawing on their website http://vmcpeche.com/sites/vmcpeche.com/files/hook-range-photo/vmc_hook_range_9283.jpg. I like the Thunder Creek idea, and there have been a bunch of other good suggestions as well. Thanks everyone!
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