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  1. Got mine off of Craigslist roughly 15 years ago. 1920's era for about $125. can't really remember. Could use a refinish but just looks wright for fly tying. Looked a long time before I found one. Most of the new stuff has been "bastardized" for use as a computer desk. Did find a really nice one at a furniture store once, at least the pictures looked good. They didn't have one in stock and had to order it. The dimensions put it on the larger side for roll tops. Also had a hutch that sat on top. Loads of storage, all for the paltry sum of $7,000. I bout soiled my britches when the wife said "If that's what you really need, order it.". I was so taken by surprise I instinctively said "I'll look for something else". Guess I've been married to long. If I had ordered it I still would have run out of space.
  2. Was in manufacturing before I graduated high school in 1977. Started at Parker-Hannifin Tube Fittings (Parker) de-burring parts. Worked in shipping and receiving as well as running screw machines and CNC turning centers. Then went to school and worked my way into engineering and was a Tool Design/Process Engineer when I left in 97. Went to a forging company as a CNC Programming Engineer and moved into Die Shop Manager. Came to Allison Transmission in 2010 as a Manufacturing Engineer. Hoping to retire in the next 2 to 5 years. Also made wooden basket bases for a few years while working a day job.
  3. Flytier, Those are some really nice soft hackles. I really like the Partridge and Orange.
  4. As always, everyone's stuff is fantastic.
  5. If you need marabou the feather boas at Hobby Lobby work well if they don't have packaged marabou. Doll eyes for streamers.
  6. I hate acronyms. At work they had a dictionary of all of the acronyms used. Ridiculous.
  7. The foam drawer liner works great. That's what I have glued to the bottom of my base
  8. rstaight

    First Car

    My first car was a 1967 Chrysler Newport Custom. It was just something to get around in. I spent my money on motorcycles.
  9. Those Gerstner chest are fantastic. Being a machinist those are the holy grail. I consider myself a machinist and not a manufacturing engineer.
  10. Mogup, I like it. Sparse, nice profile, should work nicely. The more I look at it the more I like it. Well done.
  11. Just thought of something else that bugs me, cockroaches.
  12. When I started tying I told the wife all I would need is large tackle box. Used the replaceable trays to put materials in. My tying bench would be either a wooden TV tray or the kitchen table. I wouldn't be tying very many different flies so a lot of storage space wasn't needed. I out grew the TV tray pretty quick. Converted an old computer desk to a tying desk. A year or so later got a bigger computer desk. All while adding plastic containers. This eventually turned into a roll top desk with all kinds of cubby holes. The drawers and cubbies are all filled. Got a cheap six drawer lingerie chest. The only thing in it is feathers and bird pelts. I also have one of those plastic totes with wheels that is about 3 feet long and can slide under the bed. Now I am thinking what else I can do to re-organize. I even once looked at roll top with additional hutch and a ton of storage all for $7000. My wife said if you really need it go ahead. When she said that with that much money involved I knew it was a test. As Noahguide said, golf limits you to 14 clubs. It's amazing how this adds up. Figure what you need and increase it 10 fold. Even then you may run out of space.
  13. Forgot to ask, where about in PA. My wife is from Philly.
  14. I do not fish Tenkara but welcome to the site.
  15. Know a gentleman that swore up and down the crew that installed is new garage door took a box of flies. I am good friends with the present owner of the business. He was an employee at the time and was asking me questions about the situation and the reported value of the flies. My friend had his guys go through the trucks to see if they were picked up by mistake. Since their trash had not been picked up they even emptied the dumpsters looking for these flies. I trust the integrity of both these gentleman. I think the flies were either left on the ground when loading a kayak or on top of the truck and forgotten. I have forgotten items myself and I am either an hour away or its been a few days when I remember.
  16. Oh did we step off in the deep end. Welcome glad to have you on the site. Lots of great folks here to help out. Even if you don't ask a specific question you will read something and say hhhuuummm.
  17. Orvis Clearwater lines are a 1/2 weight heavier. I have a few and for the price you can hardly go wrong.
  18. Yes you can ask questions on YouTube but you wait for the answer. The only time its immediate is if the poster is watching it at the time. That is when you need the answer. May as well use a book.
  19. Remember, when you bend your hook you will need to go beyond your desired shape because it will spring back. All metals have memory and want come back to it's original shape. Some more than others.
  20. The paint appears to be in the inside. Is that correct? Can't wait to see the completed project.
  21. I can't stand auto correct and self appearing emoji's. If today's student was to write the Gettysburg Address with their reliance on spell and grammar checks it wouldn't have the impact. So I have been told. Tweaking the rules of grammar can be a useful tool if used properly.
  22. If I am learning a different technique or was just starting YouTube is an excellent resource. Only problem is I can't ask a question. If I have the technique I would much rather have a book. But I still can't ask a question if it's a new style of fly for me.
  23. The Griffin Spider that Mike is talking is an excellent true rotary vise. I have one that I bought after a few lessons. It's not my goto vise today but it still gets used on occasion. If I didn't tie down to size 32 on it, it has definitely seen size 22. There is nothing wrong with this vise.
  24. Mark, When your finished can you wrightfully call your vise a HMH TRV?
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