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  1. ooooohhh i like, i like. this sounds like a blast. -Alex
  2. Well, I have been spin fishing since as long as i can remember (first went when i was 5 or so). i started flyfishing at the age of ten and tying when i was 12. i am now 16. -Alex
  3. thanks guys, at some point i will have to put up the rest of the family (dun, spinner) -tight lines -Alex
  4. Hellgrammite, wing cases on small flies can be a pain up the wazoo. but i tie em on all of my nymphs, i think its important that if you are trying to replicate an insect its you should go for the closest representation possible. but then again its all up to what you prefer (or what the fish prefers). i just like seeing a family of flies from 10 to size 20 and they all look the same (or there abouts). i like using pheasant tail fibers for my wing cases, on the larger flies you can also pull the fibers foward and down to create legs . -works on smaller ones to but it is a bit more difficult to get the right length- -alex
  5. ok well. i was re stocking some boxes and tying more flies (sizes 12-16) when i got bored and wanted to make something big and meaty. here it is, i thought of the peacock sword when i was almost finished and it did not turn out too bad (i thought the stem would be too stiff). -alex
  6. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by gonfishin: Thing
  7. Welcome to the forums dartigan. My personal opinion is that unless you are trying to imitate a particular insect perfectly, the movement is not a big factor. What I think matters is what the fish prefer. Will you catch more on pheasant or partridge or grouse? I don’t know, it will require some testing in the field. Also wet flies are generally subsurface and so the nymph hook should be ok (sometimes on nymph hook boxes it says nymph/wet). The wire will add weight and flash, if you would like less weight but retain the flash use tinsel. As the fibers from the pheasant are stiff you can add some movement (although they probably still have some) in the form of a varied retrieve. but Kodiak was right, fly tying is subject to the tyers perspective. Try all the materials you can and find which ones you like/work best. sometimes good flies arnt really pretty (although after refining they look nicer). good luck and tight lines -alex ohh and now that you have started tying its time to SPEND SPEND SPEND. buy everything you can and also ebay is a good friend (whole pheasants for four bucks!!!)
  8. Thanks redwing and soft hackle, I found scudbacking a while ago and i thought "wow thats neat". So now its on many of my flies (nice and shiny but it keeps the color). -cheers Alex
  9. i love scud backing. this is the cousin to Mr. Slick (more mature). the eye and tie off is a little messy but i think you guys see what i was goin for. -tight lines Alex
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by gonfishin: Slick para
  11. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by gonfishin: Mr. Slick
  12. Snazzy looking flies. For spun hair. What is better than a razor or scissors (I find) is to take a flat razor blade and bend it in the middle. Make a semi-circle; or whatever shape you need. Then you can form the head of the fly with ease. I am not sure where I saw this first might have been on you tube. edit: aha found it check it out. - Alex
  13. I am opposed. i think that it is good to hang around with the older guys. Most have more experience than kids and as such it is good to have their input on certain topics. I think that it would be better to stay as one big happy happy family. -I am 15 Although if the other site was setup i might hang around, but advice from the masters has more value (i think).
  14. Looks pretty good to start out on. Get a lamp, If possible get a small waste basket that attaches to your vise to catch all materials you trim (this is not necessary for the production of flies is comes in very handy when trying to keep a room clean). Check it - http://www.jsflyfishing.com/cgi-bin/item/O...g-Garb-Bag.html Dubbing is great and get some scud backing. -alex
  15. I think that he is wrong. like several people have all ready said, I have seen fish check out a well presented fly. they examine it for a second or two and then ignore it. -alex
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