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  1. Thanks Troutbum! What a great thing to do! Please add me to the list. Hamp
  2. Unfortunately I’ve had something come up at the last minute so I can’t make the Virtual Tying Class tonight. If someone would like my seat please PM Troutbum. Rats! … I have really been looking forward to this too.
  3. I’m a cheapskate about some things so I bought a desk lamp (arm type) at Wal-Mart along with one of the screw in fluorescent daylight bulbs. I think I’m about $16 into the whole deal.
  4. Thanks folks! I finally got some decent scissors about a month ago and had visions of messing them up!
  5. I bought a tackle box at Wally World with four divided plastic boxes set up as drawers in a hard plastic carry deal with a handle. They have rounded bottoms and are easy to label. I think I’m about $10 into it.
  6. I’m thinking about making a scissor holder for my tying bench using a strip of the adhesive backed magnetic material available at the hardware store. The idea is to stick a piece of the stuff about ¾” wide & 10” long on a similar sized weighted board so I can put about 5 pairs of scissors on it in front of my right hand. The thing I worry about is if the scissors become magnetic over time is that going to cause any problem around hooks while tying? Thoughts anyone? Thanks! Hamp
  7. I ordered some Xpoints that haven’t shown up yet. I’m thinking I should just go buy a new box of Band-Aids now.
  8. A bunch of great ideas here! I agree jbarnick … I like to take a look through my trash before dumping it. Since I started this post I found a sewing table gismo that I sort of like the looks of but of course it doesn’t come with a keyboard pullout. Decisions Decisions!
  9. Great idea about cutting a hole and adding a canvas bag! I was just going to stick a shallow cardboard box on the shelf but was worried about knocking it off. The bag would solve that completely!
  10. Hi Folks! I’m thinking about getting some kind of cheapie computer desk as a tying station. I know a bunch of folks here are using them. I’m just wondering if the keyboard pull-out works very well as a trash receptacle. Thanks! Hamp
  11. It should work as tough as that stuff is to get out of a shirt!
  12. This is one of the things I love about this Forum. In less then 24 hours I got back reliable information on some sources I’ve spotted but knew nothing about AND got great recommendations for a bunch of places I never knew existed!!! I have some items on order from a couple of places right now so hopefully I’ll be able to add a little more information to this thread myself. Thanks All!
  13. First of all I’d like to give a sincere thanks to our sponsor J. Stockard … and I’d also like to mention that I’ve heard only good things about them. That said, I’d like to round up some information from folks here concerning suppliers of tools, materials, storage or anything else that they like and use. I’d also like to hear if anyone has any LIGITIMATE gripes with suppliers they have done business with. I’m like a bunch of people here with no decent local sources and therefore have to rely on the internet. I buy a bunch of stuff on Ebay and have had mostly good experience there. (Blake at Wilderness Angler has treated me very well) I’m not rich so saving a buck or two is always welcome. At the same time, price isn’t everything. Quality stuff and decent service at a reasonable price can be hard to come by. Shipping charges add up too. Whatcha think? Thanks! Hamp
  14. I’m drooling on my keyboard! Congratulations!
  15. Hamp

    Extra Materials?

    You might want to move this post over to the Trading Floor or the Tying Bench so more folks spot it. What kind of stuff are you looking for?
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