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  1. IFlicted, yougot it. Sorry for the confusion. Just looking to see if I have most of the colors covered. I felt I was missing a few. And also was curious to as what guys used what color hackles on said dry flies in the original post. Kev
  2. A brown and a darker or medium dun I was thinking.
  3. Yea I was just curious as to what colors you guys have as go-to’s and what color hackle you use for the flies I listed. Some people use different hackle colors for the same fly.
  4. Hey guys, quick question for ya. What are your favorite hackle colors to tie with? What patterns do you use them for? I have quite the collection but feel I am missing a few necessary colors. So far I have; Cree Grizzly Dun grizzly Natural dun Barred medium ginger Grizzly dyed dun Speckled badger Light ginger What colors do you guys use for mayfly such as sulphurs, hendricksons, blue quills, slate drakes? Also blue winged olives? Thanks for the input, Kev
  5. What about for brown mayflies? Such as parachutes?
  6. I saw a sweet Whiting Bronze Cree cape online last hear and got it for a good price. I use it on the usual adams, para nymphs ect. What else can i use it on? Dark colored mayflies? I was in my local shop today and saw on sale a Whiting Bronz Dark Barred Ginger saddle for 35$. Couldnt pass it up. What do you guys use this hackle for? Thanks for the help, Kev
  7. You should've just asked him if you could get the Cree in the packaging. Thats what I did, and I got a Whiting Bronze Cree Neck. It is totally worth the money I paid. Labeled and everything.
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