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  1. Hello everyone, I had this account many years ago and thought it was time come back. I'd like to re-introduce myself. I live in Colorado on the Front Range. I love fly fishing and fly tying. I was born and raised in VT fishing small rivers for wild brook trout. I decided to head west as a young man, and landed in Montana where spent 10 years hunting and fishing, with a little school work in my spare time. When it was finally time to start adulting, I moved down to Colorado where I've been ever since. Recently I've been asked to be a contributor to runsandriffles.com primarily for fly tying tutorials. I'm looking forward to joining discussions here on the forums!! Thanks, WTH.
  2. Wow that is cool. I have never been a fan of bells and whistles on my vise (HMH Standard) but that stem is something I would see myself using on a regular basis.
  3. So sorry to hear the news. My flies are in the mail as of today.
  4. The body is made of quill. If you tie with them I would suggest soaking them in warm water with a drop of Dawn mixed in to make them more pliable. Also use super glue while securing to a thread base. It is a AK Best pattern or a variation of his. I'm glad you enjoy.
  5. Got my February flies in the mail today. Thanks everyone.
  6. That is very nice of you. I will be out there with my family end of may/beginning of June. We don't need a guide (I think one comes with the ranch) but some tips on where to go and what to use would be awesome. What do you think will be hatching? I've already started to tie for this trip. We are staying at high lonesome ranch if it helps So It will most certainly be run off from May into June. It's already getting warm here in the lower elevations. That being said, don't let high flows turn you off to the fishing. Fish the banks where there is break in the current. My go to this at this time is almost always a #16 stimi. in gold with an orange head. Try using a very small bead head dropper 18" from the dry. I prefer the Rainbow Warrior. I would also take notes from the guide. I'm giving you my advise as to what I use on my home water. Your guide will definitely know what is happening in his own water.
  7. Vic, I used a #20 TMC2487 2X short 2X wide. and a 2/32" brass bead. I place my hook in my vice backwards point up and thread the bead on by hand. It is challenging at first. All I can say is practice practice practice. Yes #20 to #28 midge patterns are all we fish from mid winter to early spring here. I have been more or less forced into tying extremely small flies here in CO as they are the most effective and as we all know clients tip better if their catching fish. The fly I tied is a Blue Poison Tung designed by Charlie Craven, It is a simple little guy, but has proven to be deadly on our tail waters. I would be very interested in the fly that you described above. What are the chances that you might throw 1 in for a model in my midge collection? Vic if you or anyone else in this swap is in Colorado I will be starting the guiding season Saturday March 19 please contact me I will take you out free of charge.
  8. Just finished tying my Baetis dries!! Great photo btw.
  9. Those a very impressive. Great job!
  10. I'm in. I just mailed my March flies in. I had a sick infant which delayed me getting to the post office. Sorry.
  11. Okay so I mailed out my flies today. I had to mail a lot of boxes to multiple locations so I'm hoping all flies got sent to the correct people.
  12. Okay so I mailed out my flies today. I had to mail a lot of boxes to multiple locations so I'm hoping all flies got sent to the correct people.
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