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  1. Capt. Bob Frank and Liz Steele closed there other store in Orlando some time back and moving on, Where? I do not know. Wademan
  2. Hello, All really good looking tyes. At present I am working on tying and fishing Flat Wing Flyes in colors and shades useable in Florida waters. The Flat Wings were started in Rhode Island by Ken Abrames used for Stripers, Blues, Albies, and Bonitio. So far I've just tested my tyes, Tracking seems to be good and castability good. Directions can be found on U Tube. Happy Holiday to All. Tight Lines and Fair Winds wademan
  3. My wife and I lived in Gulf Shores. West Beach was a good area to fly fish, walk the beach and wade out in the Gulf of Mexico. The only fly shop was in Fairhope Al. about half hour away. Orvis was the shop and outfitter. Great town as well. Hope this helps. tight lines wademan
  4. Thank-you everyone. As of now am thinking East Coast, down to Fort Pierce. Thinking 9wt, 10wtsink tip fly line .wademan
  5. Looking for info on beach access and locations. Hope for Blues, Bonitio.(sp). Any Help would be great. Thanks in advance. wademan
  6. ​Off Gandy Blvd to the left is good fishing from Weeden Island. I have waded most of the area some years past. Lady Fish, Small Jacks, and Spotted Sea Trout. It Is open from sun-up to sun-down, was free to enter but you may have to pay now. Seven and Eight weight rods floating lines, 9 to 10 foot leaders are good. Clousers, Bendbacks, White baits are good. ​Hope this helps Wademan
  7. ​Have been using Allen for my hooks for about six plus months and very happy with service and product.
  8. ​Welcome to the site ​tight lines and fair winds
  9. ​Welcome Fair Winds and Tight Lines
  10. Petegra: Great new ties. How do they cast? Much fouling? Thank-you for any info. tightlines wademan
  11. ​petegray: ​Thank-you for info on barbless hooks. I will order when next I need hooks. ​tightlines wademan
  12. ​Petegray, Where are you getting those barbless hooks for use in saltwater? At present I am crushing the barbs down on all my hooks. Using hooks supplied by Allen, very sharp and strong. ​Thanx for the come back. ​Tightlines wademan
  13. ​Nice ties petegray. What size hooks are you using? ​tightlines wademan
  14. ​Good luck and good hunting. Great looking skiff. ​Tightlines wademan
  15. ​Mogup, Thank-you for the good wishes. A good feature is its weight. The vise does not move about when putting tension on the hook. I tye mainly saltwater flies, hope to do some for Peacock bass. ​Tight Lines wademan
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