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  1. Took y'all as advice as best I could and I think my fly has improved ! I'm certainly happier with it !
  2. I really appreciate all be tips ! Looks like I have a lot of practicing to do. Thanks again everyone
  3. Thanks for explaining how the postion of the dumbbell eyes affects the action of the fly. I think I will choose to move it back a smidge. In regards to the first tactic that you mentioned, since I don't have a rotary vice, I have been tying in my eyes and white buck tail, adding my cement and then remounting the hook point side up to tie in my olive bucktail and flash. In reference to tactic 2, I had no idea about the soft loop method but I can see how it will be a very beneficial trick to help keep the bucktail together. My main problem was all the bucktail bunching up on one side of the fly. Tactic 3 is also something I will certainly use. I was cutting a taper in the bucktail but i was doing it before I had secured the material to the hook, obviously cutting the taper while the bucktail is secured will make things much more manageable! I don't know why I didn't think of this ! Thank you very much for the tips I will definitely be using them.
  4. Ok thank y'all ! I will clean up the head and move those eyes back a little bit so the hook eye isn't as crowded. Looking forward to learning all I can and making new friends =P
  5. Hey guys ! Just found the forum and just started tyinng flies. I learned to make clousers this weekend. Does anyone have any tips so that I can improve them ??
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