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  1. The Gamechanger was originally created by Blane Chocklett and consists of multiple "spines" to make a moveable tail. The pattern has soon become a more "style" of flies rather than one specific pattern. People use feathers to make feathered gamechangers, You can make your own dubbing brush to create one with specific materials, or you can go with Chockletts own game changer chenille that he created to make tying these a little easier. I went with the latter for this fly, however you are welcome to experiment with different materials to make it your own design. Whatever material you use, the trick with this fly is making sure that it tapers correctly, so that way the tail moves fluidly in the water. They work great for just about any species of fish that target small baitfish. Bass, pike, predatory brown trout, and even some saltwater species like redfish and tarpon. Not only can you make a very realistic looking baitfish imitation with this style of fly, but you can also make a realistic swimming imitation. There are times where I will go out and throw everything in my box at bass or other weary fish and will get some followers, but none seem to want to commit. Then I throw one of these on, and the same bass that followed the other flies all the way up only to change their mind last minute will not hesitate to engulf the game changer. The combination of the amazing movement, and the great look of this fly usually will entice even the most shy fish.
  2. Nice trout man. Yeah so have you heard they are stocking cutbow? I wasn’t sure if it was one.
  3. I was able to fish the San Juan River on my final day of this amazing trip. I made the 13 hour drive out from Texas to Farmington NM where my cousin lives and stayed at his house. Then was able to fish the San Juan River before driving out another 7 hours to Six Lakes fishing resort in Utah where I did some amazing fishing for some beautiful rainbow, brown, and tiger trout. I even got a nice bass there. Then drove back to my cousins and stayed at his house again before being able to fish the San Juan River one final day. The first day I fished the San Juan on my trip out, the weather got in the way of me catching as many fish as I had hoped for. However, Finally on this last day fishing, I was able to land quite a few very nice fish. I had one of the best days I have ever had on the Juan, and caught one of the largest fish I have ever caught on this amazing river. Located in the north west corner of New Mexico, the San Juan River is a destination fly fishing river. People come from all over the world to fish this river, and for good reason. It is teaming with trout and other wildlife. However this means that it is very busy. Lots of people are fishing, and its not uncommon to see people shoulder to shoulder in the good spots. I find my best luck fishing happens when I go exploring for more secluded spots. And this is what happened on this trip. I went on a walk through what are called the braids and to the back end of the river where there usually isn't too many people, and was able to land a very nice fish that had to be over 20". Then I drove down to another more secluded area called Munos, where I was able to get a few browns in the net.
  4. A large gamechanger with a twirl tail. This is 7” without the twirl tail. So quite large. IMG_0010.mp4
  5. Yes, bass is the intention, they are about 2” long. They work quite well. The tails move beautifully, just like any game changer. But the small size helps entice even the more weary bass. Ive not fished pickerel, so I can’t contest to its effectiveness with them. I’ve caught some trout with them also….
  6. Some gamechangers in multiple colors
  7. Ever catch a tuna? Albacore, bluefin, yellowfin? Incredible fish to catch. Will put your gear to the test! yes, they aren’t natural in the wild, I don’t think it can happen in the wild. They are sterile also, so only stocked ones exist. I know it’s not a creation of God but rather people, however I still wanted to catch one, and finally have.
  8. Yeah thanks, it really was fun! Amazing fishing! And even better fighting fish than I’ve ever caught. These fish fight like tuna man. It’s incredible! I think it’s a specific strain of rainbow they get there that are just super fighters.
  9. LOL! For sure! Thanks, yeah it was a blast!
  10. Why does this never work? LOL. Trying the link again.
  11. So I wrap up the final day fishing at six lakes in Utah with an amazing day! I caught so many fish I couldn't believe it. Best of all, I caught the species I was going after, and an unexpected species as well. 4 total species in fact. Rainbow trout, brown trout, tiger trout, and a Bass. It was amazing! Best of all, these fish all are very athletic, jumping and pulling hard. Very fun to catch. I caught quite a few on the dry fly, and caught some on streamer and nymph as well. Even more than just catching lots of fish, I had a great time with Bob and his son Alex. Great guys, fun to hang out with and fish with. Alex cooked up some amazing food for the trip, and it was so peaceful being there with literally only us 3 the entire time. We had our pick of fishing all 6 lakes, and I did get to fish each one. https://youtu.be/iqFejmmChQU
  12. LOL! I forget something every trip. When getting ready I’m always distracted by my two kids, and the fact that I film, the amount of stuff I’ve gotta remember to bring is crazy! Haha! yeah the Juan is a good place. Not somewhere I wanna go every trip, but a fun place to catch fish once in a while.
  13. This doesn't seem to work anymore, lets try again.
  14. I took a week long fishing trip out to 6 lakes in Utah, just outside of salt lake. I drove from my house in San Antonio Texas, and stopped half way at my cousins house in Farmington New Mexico. I was able to fish the San Juan River one day, before getting back in my car and driving the rest of the way to 6 lakes. It was a beautiful drive, and even more beautiful fish were caught. After fishing the San Juan River on the drive, I was able to arrive at this amazing fishery. The fish here pull so hard, and are all very nicely sized. They are beautiful fish with some of the coolest color markings. Bob, Alex and I all had a great time fishing. We kept talking about how amazing this fishery is, and how great the fishing is. Also, all of us agreed that the strength of these fish, lb for lb, was more than any other trout we had ever caught. The rainbows here, we were told, were a special breed that is both hardy and strong. They fight like tuna, and readily eat your flies. However its not super easy to fish here. Its not like fishing a hatchery or anything. These fish can be picky, and it does take some work to find them. However when you figure out the fishery, you will catch some of the most rewarding fish you have ever caught. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj2IOYhOUKo
  15. Im not sure why the link didn't show up guys. Lets try it again.
  16. I am so happy to have been able to take a trip back to the San Juan River. The San Juan is where I got my start videoing my fishing adventures. My very first episode was at the San Juan, and even though I didn't catch anything on my first episode, for some reason it still to this day has the most views of any of my fishing episodes. Since that video, I have fished the San Juan river more than a dozen times on video, and always enjoyed my trips there. So how does this river stack up after a few years of not fishing it? Well, I will say the weather didn't support a great trip. I only caught 3 fish, and none were great size. However this trip is not done. After fishing the San Juan River, I drove out to Utah to fish 6 lakes fishing resort and caught some amazing fish! I will have two videos of that trip come out in the next few weeks. These fish at 6 lakes fight like tuna! They are fun to catch and readily eat the dry fly, streamer, and nymph. Then on the way back from 6 lakes I was able to fish the San Juan once again and caught quite a few fish, including one of the largest Ive ever caught on the Juan. This whole trip really was amazing. I caught some really nice trout, and even a bass. I was able to spend some time with my Cousin who I am very close with. Unfortunately it had been over 2 years since I had seen him, so that was great to be able to catch up with him and his beautiful family. I also was able to see a great friend and long time subscriber on my trip to 6 lakes. Bob is one great fisherman. He is 70 years old and has been fishing for most his life. He is a great resource to learn fishing tips from, and even a better friend. A very generous and kind hearted man. I hope to be able to fish with him again soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlrIPKwj69E
  17. So earlier this week I made a review video on a dubbing brush table I recently got. In the video I showed a sped up video of me tying this fly. Here is the full video. This is a very quick and easy fly to tie once you get a good dubbing brush table. And its very effective. Redfish cracks are some of my most used flies in the salt water where I live. And I suspect this version would work great for bass. If you don't have a dubbing brush table, you can use a dubbing loop to make this instead, just they take much longer.
  18. For sure, I agree. Im an early bird, but when I go down, I stay with my buddy who likes to stay up late. LOL. He never is up before 7:30, so I usually don't get on the water till later. I need to one day just tell him to go to bed, and we can be out on the water early. But im staying at his house so I don't really feel its fair to tell him what to do. HAHAHHA.
  19. Thanks glad you liked it. Yeah I love making my own brushes, much much better than being stuck with what you can buy in the stores.
  20. Lol! For sure! Then it would break or blow up also. Hahaha
  21. I got this brand new dubbing brush table from Oasis Benches. They have been out for less than a month at the time of this video. Its a great brush maker and is absolutely beautifully built, as everything is from Oasis. This is a major upgrade from my last table, and the best I've seen in this price range. This doesn't require a motor or foot peddle, it sits nicely on any table and stores easy as well. This makes spectacular brushes quickly and easily. If you want to get one of these, go to https://www.oasisbenches.com/dubbing-brush-table/. They are only $119 and will pay for themselves in brushes if you tie regularly.
  22. Yeah, it actually wasn’t hot weather months though. 65 degrees that day. Sucked. We were out on the water at 7:30 or so. Left at daybreak from his house.
  23. I was able to make another fishing trip down to Corpus Christi Texas to do some gulf saltwater fishing for redfish and speckled trout. I planned this trip 3 days prior to leaving, and the weather changed the last day. I decided to go anyway in hopes the weather would change again but it didn't. The first day we got out there, we were all setup, walking from the car to wade in our spot, then saw lightning strike not too far away. We decided that our lives were not worth risking for some redfish. Thats the problem with fishing saltwater, especially in the gulf. Weather can turn on you quickly. So the first whole day was a bust, and Johnny didn't get to fish. The end of the day the weather improved a little and I headed out alone, because Johnny had to watch his son as his wife went to work. I did not have luck even though I fished a few spots ive had luck with before. It seemed that the storm sent these fish out deep, to where I couldn't get to. I only had 1.5 days to fish, so I was hoping the next half day of fishing I was able to get something. We went out, and the wind was pushing 30mph, with 40mph gusts. Very difficult to fly fish in those conditions. I had the flies hitting me in the back of the head, and had to do many side casts to keep the fly low and out of the wind. Johnny didn't even bother messing with the fly rod, honestly I don't blame him. He was able to hook and land a slot red, one very nice size actually. This redfish had some major shoulders on it and fought quite nicely.
  24. Yes it rides point up. Well actually i recently watched a video from tightlines that shows nymphs don’t ride hook “down” or “up” but rather forward and backward. Jig flies ride backwards, and therefore snag less often.
  25. I lived near sheep herding country a while back. The locals there seemed to call adult sheep mutton as it was more tough than the lamb. At least for eating that is. I have no idea about the fur though.
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