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  1. WJG

    Bunny feet

    The moths or the rabbits?
  2. It is good to have the time and space for little projects like this. I often have tails or wings drying out in the garage or pcs of hide tacked out to bleach in the sun. I am envious of the patina on that knife blade. I have the same knife but in 20 yrs it hasn't been used much. Think I will throw it in the tackle box or the truck kit.
  3. WJG

    Arkie trip

    Mark, Do you have any fly only water in your turf? And would a pegged bead be allowed on the fly rod there. The "fad" seems to have past here with the trout anglers but many Atlantic salmon fishermen still consider it flossing and not sporting.
  4. I have some small to very small spun aluminum "spice jars" for the tiny and odd hooks I don't use much. Only keep them because I like the way they look on the corner of my bench. Most of my hooks are kept in plano boxes labelled similar to what cp or DF has. 4 tiers in a tackle box I was gifted years ago. My only addition to this thread is that I leave a trimmed label in the bottom of each tray. When the tray is empty, that label goes into a little zip lock with the other reminders of what I need/want on my desk, next time I'm visiting a fly shop. I write the price paid on the label and am not shy about asking why it's more now?
  5. I came across one of these many years ago. As a lover of hand tools and a believer that form follows function, for the life of me, I cold not figure out what it was. It sat on my desk for 10 years as a puzzle with the offer of a free lunch and drinks to anyone that could enlighten me. I did sort it out in the end by myself. Sinking ants are also very fishable mid summer.
  6. Upstate, keep the sons and father. Ditch the wife. Goals accomplished! 😎
  7. Agreed! Reminds me of an older lady I knew years ago. She would donate clothing to "United Way" type charity drives, but first cut off the buttons to save for a blouse she might sew for herself.
  8. I do use clear and "see thru" coloured tubing for bodies with various materials underneath. For what ever reason, I had the block in my head about covering a tag. "If it was tied in as a tag, it should blend into the body"....etc. I tie the very same BWO. Sometimes with microfibetts tails. Here it is only on the cold, wet, and windy days I see them hatching. PITA fishing them, trying to get a cast into that little protected pocket.
  9. OK, thanks Mike. I do know of some drinking water reservoirs close to cities that are closed to all activities. Luckily, I live in a province where 100% of tap water is from wells, all rivers are spring fed but alas, no lakes.
  10. I like the entire tag under the clear tubing! New concept to me. I'll be revisiting some of my caddis pupa patterns. Thanks
  11. I have never heard of anything like this. Is the rule in place to "protect" you or the lake?
  12. Have you ever had a sneeze sneak up on you at the desk? That's a mess!
  13. I have to agree with Poopdeck. I tie mostly trout and salmon flies. Some deer type hair included. Vise is clamped to edge of my desk. I have a 10"x6" brown paper bag with the top rolled back on the floor beside me. Do my dubbing mixing and feather prep over the desk. Sweep waste with one hand into the other and drop towards the paper bag. Most stuff cut away from the vise is already held in one hand. Drop it towards the bag. Brush anything off your pants before you get up and sweep the floor occasionally. The thought of a vacuum or dust buster moving volumes of air around that desk scares me!
  14. Wise words. Who ties fast enough to wear out bearings? Are you taking your travel vise on the boat with you and tying in the spray? Maybe then. I understand the urge to play with your toys and truly appreciate the fit and finish, but I can't see this as an aid to extending working life of a vise.
  15. To be fair, every tier has something they bought and never used. (Except Mike!)
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