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    Rod Rack Project

    I considered painting them but I though pulling and placing the rod tubes would wear the paint off sooner or later. Then, call that patina. By the time you are done with using it, you or I won't see the difference. 😎
  2. I was the uncle that did that. Without any of my own, I won't be able to re-live that experience with the wisdom, peace and don't give a shit what they think that comes with age.
  3. WJG

    Rod Rack Project

    I too noticed the stacks of cigar boxes. More respect to you hearing you also emptied them. If I may, edge cut plywood is ugly. Paint the inside of the cut outs on the top and that cabinet will look much better to my eye.
  4. They should have a smile button here! Thanks for the smile Kim. (...Got the T-shirt)
  5. I hear ya. Never have confused weather with climate. Living on the water or working on the water, weather is the rule.
  6. Do you fish that with a weighted line?
  7. Cool! It looks like a pro tier's older reference boards to me. Quite a few classic streamers and winged wets. What date would those propeller flies put on that? Late 60's? Check out the Muddler Minnows tied on the doubles. Styles have changed.
  8. Thanks Capt Bob. I didn't consider the tail fouling. I have a hard time wrapping my head around flies of that size. #10 are huge in my trout fly box. I have a few 1/0 in my salmon boxes but fish the smaller sizes most often. Still think that a shorter shank would help boat more non-toothy fish after hook up. I also do respect the tradition in tying styles. This is the first year I had ice in the line guides only one day and no snow building up on the felts. My season ends 30 November. Last week we had 2 days in PEI warmer than Miami. It is a strange year indeed.
  9. Timely. Just before I read this thread, I ran out of mylar in the size I wanted half way thru a batch of flies. Turns out our tree has 2 sizes of tinsel. I'm not a salt water fly fisher. What's the deal with the tarpon flies tied on the back half of the hook shank? Do you snell knot these flies? I think the extra shank is only more leverage for the fish to use against you?
  10. I tie a similar caddis pupa with green seed beads and add a darker rabbit dubbing over the bare bead body. Scrub it up with a brush and it leaves a nice look with the glass showing thru.
  11. That peacock herl body Picket Pin was one of the first flies I learned to tie well. Many brook trout were landed. Sadly, none in my fly box now. Going to change this winter. Thanks.
  12. The fish don't mind if the barbules aren't all married. They just look pretty in your fly box that way when new. For "fishing flies" I cut my quill wings double wide, from any single feather, and fold in half to get the pair. You can stroke the barbules to 90 degrees from the shaft and keep them married. Cut this and fold in half. Curve apart for dries and curve together for wets.
  13. Beautiful brookie D.! Imagine him when he colours up even more, for the spawn.
  14. WJG


    I imagine his neighbors love him!
  15. That's too bad flytire. It is a money saver here. But I imagine you still can buy 5 cent stamps.😎 I don't even know what a regular letter or card costs to mail here anymore. They stopped putting denominations on the regular stamp. Just charge you more for the same stamp next year.
  16. Canada Post will charge the letter rate for anything less than 3/4" thick. If you are mailing any amount or swapping a lot, finding slender containers will pay off. I assume USPS would have a similar policy.
  17. I make my degreaser with a package of bentonite from the wine makers store. No bulk purchase and grinding involved. The small packet with a little water and a few drops of dish soap, makes just enough for a 35mm film canister and stays pliable at least two years without using glycerin.
  18. When I was young in Ontario, we called them shiners.
  19. WJG


    I live my life with the principle of respect being upper most. I strive to be respectful in all situations and also unabashedly demand respect from others. Respect for the environment is important. A grown person, too lazy to carry out their trash is an example of ignorance or the selfishness that seems to be more pervasive now. Where I live, if I can see you, you are too close for fishing on this stream. Certainly do not start in the pool I am fishing. I will always stand back and often offer to let others fish thru. Politely explaining/educating that they are spooking the fish I have been working and they won't see as they wade thru. They get out and go around or u turn next time. Actually, the only reason I responded to Mark's query is the fish handling of the holier than thou C&R (or ordinary) crowd that have to take a photo of every fish. Sure, there is much advise on how to do this with minimal harm, and most are keeping up with what style is acceptable on the net today so as not to be sh1t on by the keyboard warriors. My question is why do you need a photo of every fish? These memories do also exist without a digital version.
  20. WJG

    Time on the water

    I chase trout and salmon from April to Dec. My local is only 15 min away and I get in 2 or 3 hrs before work, a few times a week. 1 or 2 evenings further afield and all day Sunday. Some weeks I don't see her awake until Saturday. Call her a trout widow.
  21. Looks fantastic Steve. Thanks.
  22. WJG

    Mayfly I.D. Please

    Around here, we call that one something small and black.
  23. I do the same with trout flies. Weighted flies get a red head or red band on the head. 👍👍🎣🎣😎😎 Can someone tell me wtf this means?
  24. That is funny Mike! I have a standing order for squirrel tails from my nephews. They don't let the squirrel go.
  25. SilverCreek, I make my life more complicated by comparing the material's colour on the hook when wet to the bug being imitated. Some dubbings change colour drastically when dunked.
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