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    Year of the carp

    As a kid in Ontario, I considered carp garbage fish and would make pocket money selling them to restaurants. We used pitch forks then. Now, many in Ontario prefer carp on the fly to other fishing. Check out some Canadian/Ontario carp flyfishing sites. "Poor man's bonefish" Thankfully(?) there are no carp where I live now.
  2. Doubles are often used for atlantic salmon flies where no added weight to the fly is allowed. Look at Ally's Shrimp for a popular example. These Mustad can also be pinched for a barbless fly. 3582C is still available under $3 for a 10 pack. Don't know about 3573A.
  3. If the extra spool is expensive and you have multiple rods, that same money spent on a spare backup reel would make more sense to me. I bought an expensive reel and spare spool 15 years ago. I don't fish waters where I would switch floating to sinking line and also have different rod and reel set ups for different waters. I loaded the spare with a heavier front taper floating line for those "windy...short cast...obstructed backcast...kinda days". I carried the spare spool with the truck gear for 6 years before I switched it into the reel. And that was done at home the day before fishing it! For destination fishing, good insurance. Maybe, if you have two different weight rods and the reel fits both. Everyday use, it hasn't proven that valuable for me.
  4. WJG

    Fly net

    I use a magnetic release at the loop on my back, but I hook my net with the handle down. (Zip tie the detached magnet part to the net's hoop) Take the supplied shock cord from the handle to a point low on your vest/pack, same side as your net hand. This acts as a safety and allows you to drop the net without it floating away. Also does not have the net rocketing at your head if you unknowingly snag it on branches while bushwacking.
  5. I fish 2 & 3 wt rods often and regularly land 20" brook trout with 3 or 4 lb tippet quicker than most I watch using heavier rods while babying their tippet. My C&R fishing isn't killing fish because the rod is lightweight. I use that rod to it's max and hope to tell the story about the brute that blew up my rod. Hasn't happened yet.
  6. DF, I use a small package of bentonite from the wine making supply store and don't bother with the glycerine. No bulk buying, grinding and proportioning. The wine store package is fine ground and just the right amount for a 35mm film canister. Stays pliable for a season or two without glycerine.
  7. I have to agree with Mr. Parker! I'm normally not a big fan of the XLong, featherwing streamers, but flytire has me coming back multiple times to look at that firestarter. Proportion, colour, simplicity and class. I will have to tie this to see how it swims. Thanks.
  8. Starting a business related to fly tying and sensible business plan are seldom seen in the same sentence.
  9. Mark, It has to work for you first, if you are ever going to fish it. I try to keep my life simple. All my trout flies, with a thread head, are either a red or black. Even with tired eyes and low light, I can see the difference easily.
  10. I use red thread for the head when I tie weighted versions of a nymph that I also tie without weight. Sometimes half red for lightly weighted. Red on a trout fly will never hurt!
  11. DF, try fishing them un-weighted, upstream in flowing water also. More work maintaining contact, but very effective.
  12. Wow Dave. How long did you smoke? I STARTED smoking around 1970 and quit 2 years ago next month. When I started a pouch of tobacco c/w papers cost 50 cents. When I quit the same brand pouch was $ 27.00 and I needed one for every day. (In Canada, liquor and tobacco taxes are very high, but heart attacks are free) I was so pleased when the coughing very quickly stopped but disappointed by the general loss of energy. I now enjoy a good cigar once and awhile without inhaling and today is 4/20. (Yes I do inhale)
  13. I am a big fan of this style hook. Grub hook, egg hook, caddis pupa, emergers, on and on, many names I like this styles' ability to hook and hold fish. Wide gape and the short curved shank seem to hook hard and not lever out for me. The Tiemco 2488 are great for dry/emergers and something like the 2457 sinks faster for my nymph attempts. Many patterns can be adapted to this hook style and they do look more correct in my introspective world.,
  14. I like the squatch approved vise flytire. It does serve the intended purpose. Bingle jells!!
  15. Like Rocco, I also use a graphite based product designed for rod joints. Can't remember the brand. Application once every season or so. It was originally purchased to fix a loose joint on a new rod but also helps to eliminate sticking joints on other rods. At the time I thought I was being sold "hot dog water" as the free nose oil and candle wax advice was rampant. This stuff works well and the tiny tin I purchased will out last me while protecting my rods from sometimes heavy handed assembly.
  16. Lucian, I am and have been a fan of your ties for a while. In this case your superb photography has joggled my brain. This pattern has been around as long as I have been tying but I just saw this method for the first time! Tying in the biot tails at the thorax and holding them in place, over the dubbing, with the ribbing has me totally rethinking my entire nymph box. Rocco, I can see that with a peacock herl body and dark thorax. Prince Nymph Variant comes to mind quickly.
  17. Mike, you did say "If you hook a fish out of season or in any other way against the law..." That is not always possible to avoid here. I agree targeting out of season fish is a much different story. I do have a problem with anyone doing any grip and grin with oos fish.
  18. Thanks Mike. You're on the ball this morning. Have a good one!
  19. I understand that I have to put up with the baitfisher designation until I pay my dues and contribute more. What`s up with the 0 warning points under the post count ? A couple years as a member and years before that I've never noticed any other poster with that note. Frankly I don't know nor care what a warning point is, just wondering why it is advertised that I have 0 of them.
  20. I don't have a picture but check out novascotiafishing dot com for a start. Go ogle Rick MacDonald for that pattern and Gordie McKinnon for a similar shrimp pattern. I like a shrimp fly called Lester the lobster. Use that profile and the pattern Philly gave you, killer for trout steelhead and salmon here.
  21. You did ask what I thought... Sacredfly does sound pretentious, even to an agnostic. English as a second language people may have a problem with the term? Your logo is over-dressed. Again, only my opinion and I know diddly squat about personal projects.
  22. As I have just broke my cherry here, I'll leave my favourite joke today. Did you hear about the insomniac, agnostic, dyslexic? He sits up all night wondering if there really is a dog.
  23. I don't think it requires rocket surgery, but if a married man talks in the forest where no one can hear him, is he still wrong?
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