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  1. You already gave it to me earlier in the swap Trout. I have them being FedExed to you. They should be there in a few days.
  2. Guys super sorry about the trouble. I have my flies all tied, but have been in the process of finding a house, and have not had any time. Ill get them in the Mail on Monday, overnighted to Trout
  3. Flies are done Get me the address and i can send them out.
  4. Cheech has one I'm pretty sure. When I saw it at the Wasatch Expo it was really slick and had a great light output.
  5. Bruce got another brother. This is a my Meat Monster, target edition.
  6. So how many of these are we tying, and what sizes would most people want do you think?
  7. I bought 2 5 Wts from them. My wife's rod went from a cheap fly line included in a Three forks combo package from Cabelas, to a Sharkwave GPX. She loved the line. And I got a new 5 wt rod and reel to go with mine. They are really great lines, especially for $25.
  8. What the heck. Ill join. Ill do a Baby Bow color scheme.
  9. Bugger packs are good for what you get, If you already have a cape in the color you want, use the larger hackles from the side/bottom area of the neck, or use shclappen. Either works really.
  10. I wouldnt be too picky unless hes going to be in salt with it. (doesnt sound like it). I tie most of mine on 4x hooks. Dai-Riki, TMC, Mustad, Daiichi, Doesnt matter much really. If you have a fly shop around, take a swing by and see what they have.
  11. 10 and 6 are pretty good sizes.
  12. That is MONEY! Really great tie man. That is a great taper, and a really nice looking lateral line from the silver tubing! I am impressed.
  13. "I just called it that because I've been working on something that will do that "Walk the Dog" action. It has some lead in the rear end. I think the next one I'll try and shape it more like a real Spook and turn down the eye Elusive,.....I like Bruce, Nice tie" Thank you sir.
  14. No water? How do you intend to grow the hurl back?
  15. This is Bruce. Bruce is mean and made my desk messy. Back hook :: Daiichi 1750 Size 2. Tail Two tone maribou, olive/light olive Body: holographic Cactus chenille Silver/Gold Olive Schlappen, Copper Olive UV polar chenille, Legs: some brown speckled leg I had laying around. Front hook. Gamakatsu B10s sz 1. Articulation : FFF wire, and 2 FFF articulation beads, one pink, one gold. Superglue. Back of front hook: Two tone maribou, olive/light olive Body: holographic Cactus chenille Silver/Gold Olive Schlappen, Copper Olive UV polar chenille, same legs as before. Eyes: 4MM BallzEyes red, I think thats the size anyways. Head: Olive deer body hair with GSP 200 thread. Superglue in the top by the eye.
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