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  1. I’m not sure if Nomad Anglers still does its bugs and brews, but the Grand Rapids store isn’t a terrible drive for you. Also if you want to make the long drive saturdays at Gates lodge is fly tying for everyone, I would love to go but it’s a long drive for me. Check it out though.


  2. Inspired by some absolutely beautiful tying on another website I had to try this pattern. While it is a simple fly like so many others for me the materials are a challenge to deal with. This fly is no exception to my rule, while it will fish I’m now absolutely committed to shoot for something better. The one material that was such a challenge was the body material which is raffia grass. It’s just a challenge for me, I also purchased a hen honey dun neck which is really very nice looking. Anyway I tied this one on size 14 dry fly hook, the thread is ephemera silk in primrose, honey dun for the tail, raffia from dettes fly shop for the body and honey dun for the hackle.

    thanks Mike.75576209-3AD4-4ABA-A88E-4577C27F5FB9.thumb.jpeg.bb152710a1ceafe5c9b275f28b6913ce.jpeg

  3. I put 10 lbs on just reading this thread! DFoster, I have a traeger but I agree with you on using a real smoker, a pizza oven is on my next to get list but maybe a smoker after that. With that said I have to get on the tread mill for a few hours now.😃


  4. Very nice denduke, those would be productive here in Michigan for sure. I have bought some materials for these type of flies but have yet to get serious about tying them. Perhaps with the crappy weather I may need to dig the stuff out and give them a go. A local fly shop Nomad anglers has some good videos on steelhead and salmon flies. I’ve got a 7 wt. switch rod I’ve never used, got fix that.


  5. I just made a sizable order from my local fly shop, I had to replace to two lines, so I did some looking around on hooks. I did go with the majority of Daiichi dry fly and wet fly hooks, they were reasonable. I did purchase some Daiichi Alec Jackson wet fly hooks and some tiemco 102y for flymph and wet fly applications.  One hook I could not find anywhere was the Daiichi 2461 #4 streamer hook,  some of these supplies issues are really weird.


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