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  1. Thank you mods for all you do, I guess it’s to much ask to just stick to what this was intended , but you gentlemen to your best to keep it focused. I much prefer to talk about and read about everyone’s outstanding tying here. Thank you, Mike.
  2. Wow, beautiful fish denduke and cool video. We used to have a good salmon fishery here in Michigan, still some on the west side but not much on the east side. Thanks for sharing. Mike.
  3. Very nice Philly, I think I have to find a deers mask.
  4. I was just reading somewhere that deer mask makes great caddis wings, do you find that to be the case? My neighbor wants me to hunt opening week on his property in his stand as he goes north for opening week, I had prostrate surgery a few months ago and I’m not sure I’m up wrestling a deer around. But I would love to have get a skin and select the premo hair patches. I’ve got a week to think about that, but just looking for some options for caddis. Thanks, Mike.
  5. Squeeezy, looks good, Coptic sketch markers at Michaels, they worked okay but a spray bomb really didn’t work that well for me. I bought the same color popper bodies that you have. I think in hind sight I may go with the white bodies, that would seem much easier to color. If I had all the money in the world a airbrush would be ideal, but I’m not that into poppers. Mike.
  6. I used the recipe from Alpharetta outfitters GA. For this tie. Also see Northern anglers for Russ himself timing this very cool streamer. I used yellow marabou from MFC for the tail, two pieces. I need to back up just a bit, the waters I fish in Michigan are restricted, one hook on a fly. So the portion of my streamer is a shank, marabou tail, olive brown polar chenille and a dark brown shalpen for a collar. I use the 19 strand beadlon wire , but heavy mono is also good for the connector. I also use a red bead tight to the front hook. My front hook is Ahrex 610 size 1, two more marabou feathers for tails a short section of olive brown polar chenille, for bulk Ep fibers brown/olive craft fur brush and EP fibers root beer sparkle brush twisted together and brushed out. Dumbbell eyes color of your choice and finally EP foxy brush for the head. I have to add I love the brushes, especially the 1.5 foxy head brush, they make it so much easier to tie in a head. I’m looking forward to giving these a go soon. Mike.
  7. Chug, that is a very nice tie, I may have to give them a go, oddly enough I was thinking about your iron dun soft hackle today and studied your sbs again. I’m on a streamer kick right now, but when I’ve scratched that itch it’s on to your iron blue dun pattern, and more flymphs and soft hackles. thanks for all you do here and other places, Mike.
  8. I also really don’t a favorite simply because certain patterns call for particular dubbing, for instance some wet flies call for sparse mole hair or other natural, and then many modern streamer patterns call for synthetic materials. I’ve got a lot different materials but one I would really like to get Delaware river club spectrumized dubbing for some dry fly patterns. Mike.
  9. I’ve spent some tying these buggers for my fall trout fishing. I find them easy to tie and very effective, flyfishfood has a excellent video on tying simple yet effective streamer. thanks for looking, Mike.
  10. Very nice tie niveker, nice substitution’s. Mike.
  11. Beautiful fly Mark, good to see you are making great progress, keep it up and good tying and fishing! Mike.
  12. Byron, while I have not purposely euro nymphed for steelhead I have incidentally hooked some steeliest on my orvis 10 ft 3 wt nymphing rod. These were on a east side stream that empties into Lake Huron. When I euro nymph I use a leader as prescribed by Dom on troutbitten. I was fishing for browns in the early spring and this river is known for good brown trout fishing. My problem was I was using 5x , not real good for some really nice steelies, but still fun for just a few seconds. Check out troutbittens website for some great info on euro nyphming. Personally for me it’s fun, but wears my old shoulders out in big hurry, I prefer swinging or stripping streamers. Mike.
  13. wow cool you guys, I have materials my late father-in-law left me that I really I haven’t looked at years, I should take a peak. Mike.
  14. That is sweet Norm, your work is impeccable as usual , thanks for sharing! Mike.
  15. Congrats Tom, I know you and Norm will do a good job as moderator’s. Mike.
  16. Congrats, very cute 😊. mike.
  17. Honestly Fred Trost made mess of the show, and I have hard time watching outdoor programming anymore. A little to graphic and way to commercial for my taste, but that’s just me. Mike.
  18. Awesome! Your thread finish on the head of the yellow sally is something to strive for. If you don’t mind me asking do you use hard as nails? The madsen skunk is a popular pattern here in Michigan. Thanks for posting the pics. Mike.
  19. I’m looking forward to seeing the autumn issue at my grocery store, and I will be checking out your website. thanks, Mike.
  20. Very nice Philly, gives me some ideas. Hope you have a good trip! Mike.
  21. Loved the American Sportsmen, Curt Gowdy was a real gentleman. Michigan out of doors hosted by Mort Kneff was also a favorite. Mike.
  22. Very cool! I’m also into making my own pizzas along with all kinds of breads and pies, have you checked out the King Arthur flour website? They’ve got some good recipes for pizza dough, and the perfect loaf for sour dough pizza dough. I gotta get one of those Onni ovens. mike.
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