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  1. Nice video, thanks for sharing. Mike.
  2. Jason, very cool! Especially the snowshoe emerger and the grizzly tail jig! Those are patterns I believe would work well here in Michigan. Very nice, keep up the good work. Mike.
  3. Thanks for link, I watche last night also, there are some very helpful tips on the video. I also have there book, also lots of great tips. Mike.
  4. Check out the midcurrent website, look for steelhead stonefly 60 second tie. Looks pretty cool, I may some a try. Mike.
  5. Nice pics Mark, that is quite the variety of fish, and some nice deer. Mike.
  6. I read this whole thread and really enjoyed it. As a fly tyer who started in the late 60's the work that has gone into improving hackles is nothing short of fanstastic! I need a good cree, and will be shopping around for neck that works for me. But that is the key, we as fly tyers have such wonderful selection of materials to create our art, its almost over whelming. A big thank you to all of the folks who go out on a limb and bring us great materials at a reasonable cost. Mike.
  7. Mikechell, I agree, sooner or later we have to build a immunity to this virus. Im not so sure this has not been around longer than what has been reported, my motherinlaw, was horribly sick in late January, yet the doctors could not figure out what was causing her horrible cough, and high temp. She was finally given a antibiotic that knocked it out of her, but the Docs would not call the flu or a cold, just a virus. I hope everyone here is staying healthy in these trying times, hang in there! Mike.
  8. A update, thanks for all the great replies and suggestions, I ended up buying the cdc swiss clamp. I have not used as of yet, trying to get some early season dries, and some nymphs tied up. The swiss clamp looks and feels like quality material, and Im looking forward to using it. Mike.
  9. I like click-it readers, they are more expensive. I like the ease of use as I can swap them out with my sunglasses quickly to tie on fly or repair tippet. They are always around my neck, no fumbling around to find them. Mike.
  10. Stick with folks who have a good rep. You reap what you sow, so this guy earned his rep. I love flyfishfood, they are on the cutting edge of really cool flies, have great sales, and when you order something you get it! Unfortuntaley I didn't follow my own best instincts, and Im waiting on some thread I ordered. Im not happy, should have known better and I wont make that mistake again. Mike
  11. Thanks for a cool pattern, I checked out your blog for the first time and really enjoy! Mike.
  12. Kimo, thanks, I think that will be the direction I go. The swiss cdc clamp looks like the real deal, and I get the biggest kick out of Cheech at flyfishfood. I know they love for sure! Geez why do we have to have wives? I have already been given fair warning, YOU SPEND TO MUCH ON FLY TYING! Oops daisy I just order some more stuff! Love you honey! Mike.
  13. Thanks guys for the replies, I have to just sit down and figure out what I want. SILK I love your creativity! And Chugbug thanks for the great offer to forum members also! I have to say I really like dealing with the folks who sell the swiss cdc clamp, I love there tying videos, they are a really creative and fun loving bunch of fly tiers for sure. My wife will probably really pissed, because I have ordered stuff every month this winter from these guys, but it looks like another order is going in. Thanks for the replies, Mike.
  14. I was just wondering if anyone here has some experience with cdc clamps? I have been using cdc lately for some euro nymph/soft hackle type flies, I don't like wrapping the cdc on with quill and have watched some videos using a clamp to hold the fibers and put them in a dubbing loop to wrap. Looks pretty cool, but there just a little expensive. If anyone has used these and has some thoughts on them or maybe another option I would like hear it. Thanks, Mike.
  15. Cool, thanks for another neat looking pattern, as usaual great sbs! Mike.
  16. I share your pain, I had to have my lab Chance put down last Monday, he was 13 years old. He was retrieving machine, and loved to train, and hunt. At one time I had 4 labs at one time, Chance was the last, it sure quiet around here. Just try to think of all the good times and crazy things you did together, it helps some. Mike.
  17. Wonderful sbs, I really appreciate your work. Mike.
  18. Great pics, glad your having a good time! Could you tell us a little about your setup on the spey rod? I have a switch rod that I have only used a few times below Foote dam, but need to put it to more use. Anyways, enjoy the rest of your vacation!
  19. I was up that way Wednesday, in the Mason Tract. Ive gotten into the nymphing thing and had some success with a Higas sos, nothing big but pretty good numbers, and some really nice colored brookies. Northern Michigan is so peaceful, the wind blowing through the pines, the water running downstream, a doe and her fawns coming down to the rive for a drink! I love it! Mike
  20. Chris, I agree the sos is a awesome pattern, I fished the South Branch of the Asauble river Wednesday, and had fun with a size 16 sos. Now I like to take my time when I tie, so I will never break any records but I love it, Mike.
  21. I have a Ross colorado 1, and a Galvan Lt 5, I really like the Galvan reels, and would at looking getting another.
  22. Congrats xviguage, im also a fan of fiberglass rods, I have two of Chris Barclays rods. I have his 70p 4 wt. and his 82 synthesis 4/5. Great rods, I also have a epic 5 wt.,and my fenwick 806 that girl friend/ slash wife bought me when were going together. All are great rods for certain conditions, but I must say my favorite rod is my a Glommis 5 wt nrx lp. But I love them all and try to keep them all in the rotation. Mike.
  23. Ive got a pair of click it readers I use to tie and take fishing to on flies on small tippet, there easy to take on and off, hang around your neck when not in use. mine are 3.75 I believe. For really small flies I use the readers and slip on magnifier with two different lenses, works pretty good, but I really look weird!
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