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  1. Son graduated Clemson so all orange here.
  2. JLee

    632 bucks

    Don't buy that reel but something for less dough and have even more left. What's a guy need a $200 reel for to go trout fishing ( just curious)? Because it's a heck of a reel for $189.
  3. JLee

    632 bucks

    Sage VXP on closeout < $300. Allen Kraken reel $209 plus 10% off when you join email list. Money left over will cover line and backing and still leave enough for dinner. Went by local Cabelas today and the offer was posted as $200 off remaining VXPs. Saw a 4 wt there so any Cabelas would honor online if you don't have one close and wanted to call main line.
  4. Also UTC 140 in a few different colors.
  5. Thinking now I'm going to start with a wooly bugger in dark olive. Sure I will try other brands later but ordering some #700 and a few other sizes of Dai-Riki hooks.
  6. Thanks for the advice. Greatly appreciated.
  7. My local TU chapter was going to start a tying class but it never got off the ground. Pretty sure Cabelas offers a class as does my local flyshop. Local shop run by a good guy so I'll stop by and talk to him also.
  8. Have a local Cabelas and flyshop in town so no problem. I usually just stand and stare when I go by.
  9. Guess it wouldn't hurt to get some of each. Should I just get the basic colors(black, white, brown) until I get more experience or are there colors I definitely should have?
  10. Getting started so be ready for a lot of stupid questions.
  11. I bought a Peak rotary vise, a few tools(bobbin, scissors), created accounts with wish lists at J Stockard and Feather-Craft but have no idea re hooks and thread. Been watching just about every YouTube video I can find but don't know which direction I should go. Was about to order a selection of UTC 70 and 140 but then I watch another video and think maybe Uni or Veevus. Thinking the Dai Riki hooks would be a good choice but I just don't know. I'm going on a float/wade trip on the S Holston in TN at the end of the month but not expecting quick results in such a short period so sulphurs are out. Guides have a reputation to uphold so doubt they would like my newbie ties anyway. Might start with something simpler like a clouser for summer smallmouths if someone would just tell me which kind/brand of hooks and thread to start with.
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