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  1. Few for the bass box during lunch today...
  2. Turned out some hoppers and beetles this past week...
  3. My only complaint is that they're generally out of stock when I need a particular size. I've taken to checking periodically and ordering a stash when they have them. They don't have jig hooks, but I found a suitably cheap supplier on eBay.
  4. We had quite the plauge here recently so I wrangled up a handful of GFA Hoppers for you guys. Should hit the post office soon.
  5. Spent the last week as a counselor for my church's youth group kayak camp. Put about 40 miles in on the river this week, but drifted through some prime smallmouth waters which resulted in some deep bends in the 4 wt, some big smiles on my face, and astonished looks on kids' faces.
  6. I should be finishing packing and taking care of my "honey do" list before leaving tomorrow for church camp...but instead I'm adding some last minute flies to the box 🤷.
  7. Been reasonably happy with what's been coming off the vise lately...
  8. School canceled for snow 😒. Might as well tie some flies today 😏. Stocked some nymph patterns I was missing from the box and also got a few more flies added to the box for Florida this summer.
  9. Been working on some mini articulated streamers recently.
  10. Whipped up a few things this morning before hitting the water.
  11. My package landed earlier this week. Finally got caught up on grading and got a chance to open it up. Some good looking flies in there. Can't wait to tie them on.
  12. My wife is out of town so the kitchen table has become a fly tying table for the next several days. Sex Dungeons and Hippie Stompers have been the result so far.
  13. It was a snowy day her in SW Missouri so I spent the afternoon replenishing some fly boxes and thinking of warmer days.
  14. Got some new materials in so playing around...digging the frosted tip rabbit strips.
  15. ...and all through the creek the trout were biting 😏. Put a few decent rainbows in the net with my son today.
  16. Thanks, the kids created those. My daughter was kind of meh about the chameleon, but I thought it was really good 🤷. He asked to go fishing this morning so of course we had to go 🤷. He ended up catching his first fish on a fly rod so that was cool.
  17. I've had that vise for about 20 years now and about once a week I think to myself that I "need" to upgrade, but if it ain't broke...🤷.
  18. Kid tied his first fly today...a variation of a woolly bugger.
  19. Finishing up a few last minute patterns before heading out to Florida on Saturday.
  20. This seems to be the case with every swap I've entered. "Oh I should have plenty of time to tie these before the due date." Followed by "$#&%, how's there only a week left to get these done!?" I'm leaving for Florida on Saturday and was going to tie a few flies to mail to my sister-in-law's before I left and now my Christmas "break" is quickly filling up.
  21. Lunch Money tied on a #6 B10s. Got a little heavy with the laser dub, but otherwise turned out pretty well and a quick, pretty easy streamer to tie.
  22. Should be a quick tie and sounds fun. Put me down 👍.
  23. Chartreuse Parachute "Adams" among other odd ball ties coming off the vise tonight.
  24. Mine was sitting on the kitchen table when I got home from school today. The extras were a nice surprise, already got the hamster wheel turning on what to use them in...🤔. Waiting until Christmas may be tough...especially for my wife. She doesn't fly fish, she just wants to open it...real bad 🤣.
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