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  1. .https://youtu.be/0A1cI2kZkLQ
  2. My little girl was all about wanting to go fishing this past weekend. So we did some bank fishing under a shade tree with crickets Saturday. My middle son was more interested in what he could catch in the long handled shrimp net. We found a handful of handful sized gills and she wanted to come back with the boat. So Sunday we went back for a couple hours and caught several more good ones, along with all the hard pulling cichlids she could handle. We had a blast.
  3. Yes sir it was. It was a bass in the center. He swallowed the fly and expired pretty quickly in the live well. I was just getting a couple meals for my parents and simply didn’t want to bother with filleting the oscars. I released them in the canal behind my house.
  4. Some of this weekend’s bounty. I let the oscars go after some photos. Caught probably 50 Mayans to the 12 bluegill. The 3 wt. got a workout. Trying to upload some video. Maybe I’ll figure it out tomorrow.
  5. Good stuff Swamp! Glad to see you’ve been enjoying yourself. I’m sure that canoe has opened up some great skinny water adventures. Fisheating creek is 10 miles from my house and a lot of fond memories have been made there also. Thanks for sharing
  6. Very nice. It’s been 20 years since I trout fished in a stream. Makes me really, really want to go again.
  7. Agreed, good stuff Captain! No peacock here, but they aren’t too far away. Got this Oscar today. When I was a kid, these were the only exotics to be had. The jaguar have shown up the last couple years and are quickly multiplying.
  8. Say hello to Winston. My wife has been begging for a little lap dog for a while. Kids have been wanting another since we gave our last dog away when we moved 6 years ago. He was born Christmas Day, and we have had him for about 6 weeks now. He has been a wonderful pup and has quickly adjusted to bedtimes and potty training. An awesome personality to boot.
  9. Haven’t been taking many pics lately. Here’s some local variety from the last couple outings.
  10. caloosa bug


    Sounds like someone has been feeding that gator and it has associated people with food. Most will come after a flopping fish but should shy away at a certain distance to a decent sized human with arms raised. Your friend should call fwc and they can relocate it.
  11. caloosa bug


    Lol. Cool story. Yes, I learned long ago about the dinosaurs that may appear at night within arm’s reach beside a 12 foot boat if a something splashes around too much. Wish I had known about the screen shield back then. Farm raised, store bought tilapia…no thank you. I’ve seen some local- so called “tilapia farms” and I wouldn’t want to eat anything that comes from that water. Now, a wild river or lake caught tilapia. Oh ya! Pretty dang good. I have friends who gig them at night and have brought me some. But I’ll stick to keeping my freezer stocked with snook and panfish if possible. Now that I think of it..snook season opened here today.. gotta go..
  12. Got a nice one from the bank this afternoon.
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