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  1. Hey guys sorry Im running behind. Dropping mine in the mail today. Will do 2 day shipping.
  2. Thanks. I chose that pattern because I hate using peacock hurl and it requires a good bit. I'm way more comfortable with it now, so if nothing else I learned a lot.
  3. It looks awesome. I can't wait to fish it. This will be my first glass rod.
  4. Lots of things are craic. It just depends on what kind of stuff you are into. It's really hard to answer that question for you. It's sort of something that you need to ask yourself.
  5. I'm In. Thanks for putting this together.
  6. Im interested. It will be my first swap, but I would love to participate.
  7. I don't know what your budget is, but my fiance splurged and surprised me with a Fishpond fly tying bag for Christmas this year. It was such a great gift. I work out of town and spend a lot of time in hotels. It always goes with me and keeps me organized. There is no doubt that it is overkill and I am not suggesting that you need one or should even consider one, but you should check it out just to get an idea of the type pockets and padding and stuff that you may find useful in a travel kit.
  8. If the problem really is "too much drag" you should be able to just stretch the two bars that hold the thread. Just pull them apart. Sometimes inexpensive bobbins come with burs in the tip. Look and see if that is possibly the problem.
  9. I just got back from up there. I fished the White River, Norfork, and Little Red and had pretty good luck. I am planning another trip up there soon and here is what I am taking. -Red Ass -Partridge and Orange -Scud -Sow Bug (with red glass bead head) -San Juan Worm (in red, orange, pink) -Y2K (in yellow & orange as attractor) -Zebra Midge (in red and black) -some kind of tiny black emerger with a little foam top thing (a guide gave me this and I caught a few brookies on a #22) The most successful flies were by far the sow bug and the red ass for me. Let me know if you want a picture of any of them or anything and I will try to help but I am still really new to this. If you have time the drive to Norfork to see Dry Run Creek is well worth it. Especially if you have a kid or are disabled. Its also right next to the hatchery which I thought was neat to see.
  10. So I just tied my first deceiver and tried to follow the youtube video of Lefty tying it. I'm not crazy about the video because he isn't very clear about portions and things like that. It kind of reminds me of my grandmothers cooking recipes (add a little of this and let it cook for a while). The fly looks outrageously long. It measures about 7 inches and is tied on a size 1 hook. Please critique this fly and help me get better. Here are my questions: I am tying with strung rooster saddles. If I want them shorter can I cut the ends off before I tie it in or trim the tips after it is tied on or what? How do I get the red throat part to stay together instead of flaring out? Can you recommend a video tying a classic lefty's deceiver that has a good amount of detail. There are a lot of videos but each have there own way of doing things so I was hoping you folks could point out which ones don't stray to far from the classic pattern. Thanks
  11. So I have been pulling out the excess material from the buck tail because I heard Bob mention in his video how important it is. BUT I was not holding the clump near as close to the tips as I should have been. Thank you so much for pointing this out. The video really shows so much clearer how it should be done. I think this will really help.
  12. No I haven't heard that my photography is good, but I appreciate it. I just used the camera on my phone and a manila folder as a background. What exactly do you prefer about the first one? Is it the shape of the head? Also if I tied the whooly bugger next it would just be for bass and panfish around here not to take to Destin.
  13. So I took everyones feedback and have tied several more flies. This clouser is the most recent and the 10th fly ive tied. I still haven't quite gotten the cone head down. #5 and #6 had nice cone heads but I tied them with less hair. Im trying to use Bobs method for attaching the hair at a slant. Also my whip finisher came in yesterday so the last few flies I have been using it instead of finishing by hand. I think I have almost gotten the hang of it, but I am going to stop tying and spend an hour or so just whip finishing a bare hook. Please give me some feedback on how to improve. I would also love some suggestions on what to try next. I fish mostly bass and panfish, but I will be in Destin, FL for July 4 and may try a SW pattern. I was think either a deceiver or whooly bugger. Any suggestions?
  14. I can't get the fly by species database page to pull up for any species.
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