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  1. Hello to all,


    Just popped in to vote! although I will get back in the action on the site soon.


    Man, choosing just one! that was an almost impossible decision, Awesome work, Finalists!! I Wrestled over the choices and picked the one that I thought was best. Congrats to all entrants and the finalists. Superb work.


    Will get back on the forum as soon as I can, Bugcam

  2. Inconnue, the only thing funnier than that is... that you could have gone out and picked up one right away... off the bushes at the Beaumont pond :hyst: .


    Don, I just got mine in, too. Absolutely awesome flies, guys. They were all tied to perfection...and then there was my noobie attempt :D ! Gives me something to strive for. I am on to scuds and shrimp now and working on cutting down on my extra wraps and improving my technique.


    Happy holidays everyone


    ♪♪♪ All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth a Rotary Vise, a Rotary Vise, a Rotary Vise...

    All I want for Christmas is a Rotary Vise, and then I could wish you a Merry Christmas ♪♪♪



  3. I got my boy (buggy) to tie one of his olive crystal chenille scuds for this contest. They look like real fish catchers! and he ties that pattern way better than I do. I should still have the addy and I will send it out tomorrow.


    The winner of this contest will be one lucky FTF-er! but I think that the posts will add up before my time comes along...(Jan 8th-5:45pm).


    This has been a fun contest/topic/thread, Duckydoty... great idea you had with this one.





  4. A BIG THANKS for hosting this one, flytime. Buggy was excited about being in on it. Those scuds of his look like real fish catchers to me. I bet they will be the first flies tied in our house to actually catch somthin'. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them.


    Catch you later and thanks again,


  5. I finally stopped by my mailbox and there it was, my early christmas present. :clapping:


    I knew that there was a level of tying that I wanted to reach, properly/perfectly tied, exquisitely detailed flies - now I've got examples to show me that standard. You guys awed me with the quality of these ties. I am going to keep this colony of ants in a shadow box at my tying desk for inspiration and start working on some standard patterns and techniques to increase my skill level. Scuds and shrimp, at the moment.


    So far, I have been trying to not use too many extra wraps and still don't know how to use a whip finisher yet! :dunno:

    I'll have a look at Al Beatty's tutorials to get me going.


    Thanks for the swap, the flies and the inspiration,

    see you in the posts,




  6. WOW! Superb-ly tied flies. Those flies are awesome . I will probably get a fly box just for them. Would anyone care to share how they came by their innovation or invention. My Swamp Witch was a parachute humpy that I modified by using screen door foam and a 4 ply yarn. The foam was VERY thick to work with.


    :headbang: Thanks for hosting, Don. Nicely done on the group pics page.




  7. I like odd, quirky, funky, funny and weird. (not fly time kind of weird, :blink: just regular weird :D, No, I do like fly time kind of weird, hmmm... does that make me a BAD person! :unsure: ) anyways, the little shrimp guy in my avitar is odd, quirky, funky, funny, weird... I don't actually know who he is. I guess that I should google him and see but I bet he is got 'tude.

  8. Bonjour et beinvenue, V6 Ridez


    I am sure that you will enjoy this forum very much. You will find good friends and good advise here.


    Your english is very, very good. Much better than my french! :thumbsup:


    J'espere que vous avez beaucoup de bon temps dans cette forum. Vous avez trouver les bon amis et bon idee ici.


    I better stick to my english, Christian. :D


    I am happy to have another "Canuck" on the forum, though. I am originally from Ontario (Deep River) and now live in Alberta.


    Catch you later!





  9. So far, so like! :thumbsup: I don't mean to rush you but I already have the butter and garlic warming up for that Cray!!! Hmmm, and a nice dry white wine... :D


    Really though, I looks great so far, I like the coloring and realistic look. Ambitious project, have fun working on it, Alex. Thanks for posting a play-by-play as you work on it.

  10. Welcome to the forums, Mike


    You are right, this site is superb! Advice, friendships, support, pics, contests and lots of fun. I hope that you will share your flies, your pictures and fishing adventures with us. There is so much to explore in these forums, jump in and enjoy!


    Catch you later.

  11. Those ARE gorgeous shrimp, mikostanev. Beautiful attention to detail. I just picked up some curved caddis hooks (size 8) that I am going to try tying my first shrimp and scuds on. I look foreward to seeing more of your work.

  12. Thanks Taxon. I will add that site to my favorites.


    P.S. While I have the chance, I wanted to mention that I appreciate your detailed and informative posts on this website. You have a knack for demystifying the science speak. Much appreciated.

  13. Enchantedlearning.com has free printouts of bug skeletons that might be helpful to flytyers although they are fairly simple they do show the different segments. :dunno: You can find printouts on insects, invertebrates, arachnids, moths and more on their site with the letter search keys.


    Does anyone know of any other websites that show more complex versions?


    here is an ei:



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