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  1. I can see it now! If Ashby actually brought back one of those spiders, fly time would be hiding in the back of his closet with nothing but a case of beer, a flashlight and a REALLY BIG can of RAID!!! Make room for me, fly time. I'll bring my own beer !! :hyst: :hyst: :hyst:

  2. Some of the best stories that I've ever heard are about how particular some fish on certain rivers can be and then there are also the stories about how some guy catches a fish with nothing but a "bottlecap" or "candy wrapper", fish can be one way or the other!


    Most tyers are anal and I mean that in a good way! The detail is the fun part for me! I have always liked detail, that's why I hope to get into realistics.



  3. Man, Ashby, that's hot. Ugh! 141 F that would be 60.5 C. Don't think I have ever heard of temperatures like that before!


    Little girl next door (3 yrs old) calls that kind of weather "STINK HOT". I don't like when it gets above 70 F.


    Hope that all is well with you and that you a break from the high temps soon! As usual, you have my best wishes

  4. Gorgeous shrimp and quality photo! I'd sign up for that class, tcr!!!


    I just picked up some shrimp hooks today. I am too NEWB to understand your tying instructions but I do have a pattern lined up to use. I will use you photo for inspiration! Thanks.

  5. Have a blast, fly time! Catch one two a few for me. Hope your weather is good.


    It's cold and pissy near Edmonton, Alberta right now, should be 15 to 19 deg. C on the weekend though.

    My young 'un went to the Edmonton Eskimos football game tonight. Winter jacket, longjohns, hoodie, wool hat and gloves!


    Anyways, ENJOY! looking forward to the pics and stories!



  6. Really nice work, Cornmuse. That's the crayfish pattern that I have been looking for! Knew I'd find those attributes, some day. Thanks for posting it, can't wait to try and adapt that pattern. Another fly for my todo list. Had the idea for a while to tie this type using natural materials found streamside, this pattern suits that idea.

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