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  1. Whoo-wee, NICE work! B) We bought a bunch of fancy boat cord, (multi-colored) from Canadian Tire (pay by the foot stuff). Some we burned the end of the cord to finish it others we taped the ends of. I would like to see more knots whenever you have some to share. Leather cord might make an attractive effect, too. Thanks for posting those pics. I'll have to show my boy those!

  2. Hey, CapeBsalar,


    Goergous spider, I'm quite sure that "he" is a "she", though! Do you have color variations greys to tan or mottled browns in your yard or are they all like this pic? The males are usually so much smaller that they hardly look like the same species except for color!

  3. Arkie, She browns up a bit in the summertime otherwise looks all black.


    Madkasel and flytime,That squirrel hadto sneak right up to her paw to get those nuts!




    Your beagle sounds great! That breed is very smart and like having jobs to do. They usually like training time. I would love to see a pic. If you train him to sit for treats and hold a treat when company comes, he might come along. Three years old is the start of the settle down stage though he will always be "happy". I would have had a Beagle if we had someone at home to train him.

  4. Hey, gill buster,


    Welcome to the site. This is the best site that you could have landed on; tons of info, help, friendly advice, swaps and other stuff. Explore these forums out, jump in, have fun and be sure to share some pictures of your flies and knots. My son and I have tried out a few knots for fun, (monkey fist etc.)... There are quite a few knots that fishers can use and related web sites. Talk to you later!

  5. Thanks, fly time. Hard to tell in this pic but she has very nice form, all muscle and is quite handsome. She was a breeders reject because one parent was a black lab and the other was brown! 78 pounds.


    Lu hates wasps. Oh no, BAD BUG, Lulu, bite dat bug! Pretty smart dog though. She goes left or right when we tell her to, in the or out of the water and the same to fetch a stick or find a ball or to move to the other side of the sidewalk if someone is coming. Will also sit and lie down, by command or signal. Lies down if a toddler or stroller comes up to her. We had her up to Pembina Prov. Park in August and she was retrieving a 30 pound log out of the river that afternoon, no effort at all and she was having a blast! Take her to the river every week.


    Hope her ass cheeks don't get too cold after I make all those swamp witches! Just kidding, it's actually leg hair.


    P.S. I am making S. witches for ant swap but haven't decided on those or a modified shrimp or what yet for innovation swap.

  6. Hey, CapeBsalar, Interesting spider you have there! I wonder if he is closely related to my Alberta spideys? Mine have pronounced humps on each top-side of their abdomens.

    Here is an address to the Royal Musuem of Albertas' Jewel Spider page. http://www.royalalbertamuseum.ca/natural/i...aq/jewelspd.htm

    I absolutely love those Spiders. Want to get a vid stream of one of them capturing and eating a hopper.


    Anyone suggest a more technically indepth spider site?

  7. pressure washer...dare to dream!

    I wa-n-n-n-n-a pressure washer!

    Oh, the things I could clean if I only had a pressure washer!


    The deck, the patio furniture, the siding, the garage door, the dog (well, OK not the dog, she never gets clean but all that other stuff) OK, breathe through it...maybe I'll get one for Christmas? Yeah, It could happen!


    Really though, have fun spending all that cash! :D



  8. A few lears ago, I saw one blue and one green six-spotted fishing spider at a bog near my home. They were georgous! Didn't have a camera that day but I will go back and see if there are any more there! We also have goldenrod spiders and big spiders with a cats face on their back in my garden. I love, love, love spiders!


    That is a spectacular spider that you tied, uffepuffe.

  9. Enjoy that beautiful family, you will have some funny little stories to tell us as them girls grow up. Good luck on the job opportunity, my fingers and toes are crossed for you. :huh: Ya, I know, one of my many talents!


    P.S. Raspberries on their tummies should work well at that age! P-h-h-b-b-b-t!

  10. Hang in there, Fatman. You can count on a lot of support and encouragement from the gang here, whenever you need it! Sounds like from everyones comments that new limitations are the biggest frustration. I think that keeping on with old activities are like Physiotherapy but quite frustrating because it's not at the level we are used to. <_<


    I had forgotten about soaking in salt water, I am going to give that a try next time I need it.

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