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  1. Thanks for all the feedback, I think I'm going to go with some reading glasses maybe a 3x or something. I wear safety glass for work all day so should really be any different in comfort, thanks everyone for all the feedback. I just started tying flies a couple of weeks ago but so far it's like crack for me I can't get enough. I just need to get out to the river now and put them to use.
  2. I'm interested in what people prefer for magnification for tying flies. I'm thinking I would like to get a pair of maybe the clic magnetic glasses but I'm also not sure if it would be better to just get a magnification lens that I've seen in stores. I would rather not have to worry about setting up a lot of different equipment to get a better view of my flies because I don't have a fancy fly tying bench, which is why I think glasses would be the way to go. However that being said i would like others opinions on what has worked best for them over the years. By the way I have very good eye sight and don't require prescriptions but have noticed when tying flies some times it's hard to see whats going on with things.
  3. I appreciate all the feed back and like all the discussion on the topic. From what I can put together in the form, fly tying is just like fly fishing in that it is all personal preference on cost, quality and feel, it sounds like the more important thing to look for in tools really is the comfort of using them while tying. I've just started tying and man just like fishing I'm hooked on it and i think I'm into my tools maybe about 40 dollars the vise really being the major cost. At this point I'm learning the basic of tying small streamers to throw on my 4wt and some nymph patterns as well. Just like in fly fishing everyone has "their way of doing it" common to fly tying, but in the end the results should come out the same hopefully "catching the fish" or in this case tying a pattern that fish believe is real!
  4. Thanks everyone for the comments, they are extremely helpful. I'm going to go buy some stuff this weekend to get started, I'm super excited. Like a kid at Christmas time!
  5. Thanks, this is good feedback. It sounds like I can at least get started tying for pretty cheap, so hobbies cost a lot just to get into!
  6. Most everything I've read on the forums tell people not to buy the kits with the materials, so I will either buy just the tools in a kit or possible even pick and choose each tool one by one. Are the tools kits usually quality or is it better to buy the tools individually? Who is a good tool manufacture?
  7. I'm new to fly tying but think I would enjoy it sense I love to fly fish. However I don't know anything about it, I've watched a few youtube videos on tying basic flies and the basic tools to get. I would like to see what peoples opinions are on what tools to buy and who makes quality stuff. I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for however I would like to get some quality stuff but I don't need to get the "best" stuff right now as I would like to see if tying is something I will like.
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