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  1. Hi Billtiesflies, I beleive he was there last year. There has been alot of I guess inter fighting between tiers and the show management. That's why the show was started in Mass. a couple of years ago. That is what usually happens when something gets really big and problems begin. I saw Muzzy at the show and he wasn't tying I beleive this is the first year in a great while. There are other tiers and vendors stopped coming. I beleive it is the cost to the tiers and people weren't buying as much as they did in the past. This is all just what I think from just go for so many years. Also going to the show I tried to get to know who to buy material from to tie salmon flies and I would ask alot of the tiers that where there and it was like pulling teeth. They had nice dyed turkey and when asked where can I get some and they would say some shop and the $#@% that I got from these places. The tiers where willing to show you how to tie the flies but don't ask where to buy the material. Over the year I would pick things up here and there but it wasn't easy and still isn't. John of featherMC is a good source to get material from. I spoke with John at the show and he is a great guy to do business with. Billtiesflies what caused Castleman not to come to the show?
  2. I was there Saturday, A.K. Best was there because he sign 4 books for me. He was also one of the feature tyers. I beleive he had his presentation at 1:30 P.M. Unfortunately I don't know any of the tyier on this site personally it would have been great to have spent sometime talking with you. I have attended the symposium for the last 10 years and it has been steady going down hill. There use to be at least twice as many tiers as there where there Saturday. There were in the past many tier from across the ocean. So of the vendors such as Castlemlan was not there this year. John Mclain has been there for several years. Also the feathermerchant from England was there one year. He had jungle cock and swan feather or sale for a very reasonable price. Needles to say I spent more money than I should have. This year there were very few vendor compared to even last year. I live in Maryland and the attendance here is so bad that next year they would even hold a show. I will attend the show this in January at Somerset hoping to pick up some material that wasn't avaible at the November show. Last year I pick up a couple of spool of power silk that Edward uses to tye his Czech nymphs. He also attended the symposium several years ago. If you have never attended the symposium before it is worth the visit but if you have attended as many times as I have it is the same any more. I quit now because you must be tried of listening to me.
  3. Thanks for the information. They both great tyers.
  4. It was nice to meet and talk with some of you at the new Jersey show this past weekend. The spiders that were display were unbelievable. I don't remeber the name of the tier but he was from California and showed how he make the legs for his spider with deer hair very interesting. The brush bristles were used by the other tier there for the legs on his spider. Great job by both tiers. I have tried to tye one realistic fly and it turn out like crap so I haven't tried since. I did enjoyed talking to both tiers. They were both very helpful. I am sorry but I don't remember their names (short memory). Any way they were located in the hall way near the books stand. Great job.
  5. chemprof2001 Thanks for the information. Someone told me there was another chemical but I don't remember the name now it started with an N if I remember correctly. I should have written it down when the person was telling me this information. He stated that it was a 60% 40% mix. I was at some show when the subject came up.
  6. Joelst, Thanks joelst. Is there another mixed with Toluene?
  7. Gram, Thanks for the information. Can you let me who the other manufacturer is. Thanks. AlexC. Thanks for another idea on how to come up with a different pattern.
  8. Does anyone know how to liquefy goop which is what flexcement is. That is what I heard I may be wrong. What I would like to know what two chemical would liquefy goop?
  9. Gram, The pattern with the chartreuse body did you also mention that you tied it in a blue and violet color? If you did where did you buy the blue and violet larve lace? I wrote to them and they said they don't have that colors available. What did you use?
  10. Troutnut: Beautiful pictures. What type of camera did you use to get your pictures? Also what was the aperture setting? Did you use a filter? What was the speed set for?
  11. I also have the video it is call Whole feather wing salmon fly if I am not misstaken by Poul Jorgenson. It shows step by step how to tie the Sir Conrad. I met Poul back in 1973 at the Frederick Community College were he was demonstrating how to tie trout flies. I also went to visit him at his home in Rosco, New York about three years ago. I was up there for the bamboo rod gathering and decided to visit him. At that visit he had just finished a book on salmon flies that would only be sold in Denmark. He also has a hair wing salmon fly video which is also very good.
  12. Steelie, Congradulations to you and your club. It is a great feat to get 39 metals in a fly tying contest.
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