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  1. Thanks! So far this one has not sucked any blood!
  2. Mosquito: Grizzly hackle, wing, and tail, stem for body.
  3. Brown drake variant: Tail: Hackle stems Body: Deer hair Wing: Deer hair, brown hackle
  4. Keep on tying! Looks like you have a nice tying station. Did you make that?
  5. Repeat post, but my favorite.
  6. I'm a big fan of the Peak rotary pedestal vise and it is in your range.
  7. I am a big fan of the Usual, plus I love saying "Oh, the Usual" when people ask what I'm using! I like the CDC variant as well - 2 materials, snowshoe and cdc. I like them for sulphurs- your look well done.
  8. I really like that graphic caddis Flytire, I can see some of those coming off of my vise soon!
  9. Nice range of colors and as always, perfect execution.
  10. Rusty Spinner Variant Hook: 14 Mustad dry Tail: tan microfibbits Body: Tan turkey biot Thorax: rust superfine dubbing Wings: EP fibers This was the first time I have used a turkey biot for a body and I was amazed at how easy it was and how nice they look.
  11. Thanks DFoster! Silvercreek, I whip finish at the base of the post on bigger sizes, often on the smaller ones, I tie off on the eye. Either way I make sure to use head cement, as too often the hackle breaks after a fish or two. I have tried UV resin to glue it, but have not liked it- I might experiment more with different resins. It seems like it would be more durable and easier on small flies, I just do not have the hang of it yet.
  12. Thanks you guys, I have been adding a few flies to the rows every day. I do find paras, comparaduns, and emerges to catch more fish, but I just feel like I should always have some classic Adams in 14, 16, and 18 on hand for tradition's sake! I probably use a 14 para more than any other mayfly pattern. I like tying those the most too. I like the Tacky boxes and have found them on sale. The dry fly box- pictured- is sometimes a bit finicky as far as putting flies into their slots. They accommodate my OCD pretty well.
  13. I like that whip finish tool!
  14. Brown and grizzly hackle barbules- Sorry, I should have included info on materials.
  15. DarrellP, I find the foam posts to be easy to work with, although not any more that polypro yarn posts. Both are easier to us that stacked hair, only in the sense that you can skip a step in stacking. I use the posts because of the color choices so I can make my 14s white, and my 16s yellow. Bigger and smaller sizes I use poly, and color coordinate those too. I've been working on foolish consistency even though someone said it was some kind of hobgoblin...
  16. Adams Parachute Variant size 16 Tail - brown and grizzly hackle barbules Body fine dubbing Post - yellow foam Hackle - dark orange grizzly -I realized after the photo there were some errant fibers I needed to trim.
  17. I have had an odd experience with FE, ordered several capes before I found this and other threads. After a month of waiting and starting a PayPal dispute, I got my order in plain ziplocks, although I think the capes are fairly nice. I had strange communication from the vendor by phone- all emails were ignored. I repeatedly asked for order confirmation and tracking info- never got it. I lost some sleep over the whole process and was certain I was being scammed. In the end, I think I paid a lot for decent feathers and a lot of heartburn. I would not order from FE again. I looked at Jim's and flyfishfood, but they were sold out of what I was looking for. Customflyfeathers on The 'Bay however, sent me very high quality feathers and very promptly. It was a little bit expensive, but I was blown away by the quality. I will buy from them again. I bought from them after I figured I would never see my FE order. Now I have a lot of dry fly hackle!
  18. Ubiquitous Adams, size 14. I am always working on proportions. I use paras on slower waters, heavily hackled flies like this one on faster waters.
  19. Jaydub, I really like that BWO. I am inspired by such a clean tie and great proportions. Going to have to get some biots.
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