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  1. Not sure what you mean by adding a rib and twisting the barbs.
  2. That is exactly what I am looking for vicrider!!!! Do you know a good place to buy?
  3. I absolutely love the life palmered marabou produces in a pattern, but I can't seem to figure out how to downsize it for smaller trout jigs. Has anyone found a good way to create a palmered marabou micro jig? I know a lot of people change material when tying a smaller hook but for some reason the local trout go bonkers for marabou. I haven't had any success with palmered marabou I'm guessing due to the ridiculous length it creates off the hook shank. Directly tying the marabou to the hook gives me the length I want but I have a feeling a palmered marabou jig would turn bad days into productive days and good days into things of legend and lore. Thanks for any help you can provide!!!!
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