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  1. My three best flies for Gills this year have been: Brim Killer, Cap Spider, Gill Getter
  2. Dinks will inhale and chase anything. The Big Boys however, can be very wary and discriminating. that is how they got that way.
  3. Your avatar says, Favorite Species:Bluegill My favs as well, if that is a fact and you are tying for Gills I would suggest a hook downsize to 8 or 10 or 12
  4. Feisty fish + 4wt = Fun !
  5. Nice Catch ! Even better dinner !! Woohoo!!!!!!!
  6. I am familiar with a Ned Rig but would like to see your fly version of a Ned Rig. Any pics of the "Rich Rig" ?
  7. Great report, nice fish and best of all fishing time with a friend. Doesn't hardly get better than that! Thanks for the report and pics, well done.
  8. Wow, classy and practical. Awesome job on creating your vision. Kudos
  9. Wow, FULL DAY! Rest up and tight lines.
  10. Woohoo ! Post some pics and details if you get a chance. Would love to hear some tales of the "Battle of the Bream" Tight Lines and safe travels.
  11. Stonfo still makes one for 8 spools.
  12. Big Gills can be just as wary and selective as trout. I have my most success fishing top water early in the morning and in the evening. I love fishing top water and watching Gills with their backs out of the water chasing down a gurgler or popper. All that being said. wet flies would be my first choice for a June, July, August, September Bluegill trip.
  13. If you can S T R E T C H your budget just a little, I like this vise from J Stockard. https://www.jsflyfishing.com/js-tools-ez-rotary-vise
  14. Agree 100% cause I hunt for "The Bigguns"
  15. Whoa ! Nicely done is an understatement.
  16. Cap Spider Gill Getter Red Fox Squirrel Nymph Hum Bug and I am excited to try this new one a Red Tailed Monkey Butt and other color variations of the same
  17. My sentiments exactly. Big gills can be every bit as wary and selective as the best of 'em. Small'uns not so much.
  18. Denduke, sorry but where is that? Is that Walmart?
  19. Steeves’ Firefly Hook: Mustad 94831 #12 Thread: 6/0 Black Wing Case: Kreinik 1/8” ribbon; Black Hi Lustre (Beetle Black) 3005HL Body: 3mm black foam cut into 1/8” strips Underbody: 4 strands Peacock herl Butt: Kreinik Medium Braid; Glow in the dark Lemon-Lime (Yellow) #054 Wing: Kreinik Heavy Braid; Mallard #850
  20. This is really a "Gill" getter, tied some last year and it was "lights out" on the water. Tying a few more for this year and for some friend's boxes. Simple but effective.
  21. Getting the Gill box ready! Gill Getter Hook: Mustad 3906B #10 Thread: Chartreuse-6/0 Underbody: Lead Wire .015 Body: Florescent Green Chenille Legs: Medium Round Rubber Tail: Moose Mane Shellback: Moose Mane (continuation of Mane used for tail) Head: Chartreuse Thread Finish: Dave’s Flexament on shellback and head
  22. Bluegill Killer Hook: Mustad 9671 #10 Bead: 3mm Gold Thread: Black Tail: Round Rubber Legs (Yellow) Rib: Pearl Tinsel Body: Peacock Herl Hackle: Brown Hen
  23. James Wood Bucktail variation The Pumpkinseed Bucktail Hook: 3x long streamer hook #10 Thread: 140 denier UTC black Body: Variegated chenille Wing: A mix of green, yellow and blue bucktail. Head: Bright red and dark purple chenille.
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