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  1. Im the one from Aurora, IL glad they made it safely.
  2. I see that mine haven't been marked as received, checked the tracking and They show delivered on the 6th. Just wanted to check in.
  3. Wow, What a great cause, Please get ahold of me if this happens again!
  4. I have mine all ready to ship out. Need address.
  5. Thanks, Don't worry if you have to short me on some flies. Just happy to participate!
  6. Any chance this is still open? I can get fly's tied this week and in the mail by the 1st.
  7. Hello all, I recently starting tying and am loving it! I have been reading the forum and getting ideas for the last 2-3 months and figured i would actually post and get involved. I am looking forward to getting in some fly swaps and learning new patterns and challenging myself. I would like to pose a question to every. What 1 tool that if missing, you would get in the car and go get a replacement immediately? Please exclude scissors and bobbins. .
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