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  1. Hey,


    I haven't posted anything in a REAL long time. Hope everyone is ok. I am cleaning out some of my fly tying material that I just have to much of. I will posting a lot of them on Ebay, some I will post here as giveaways.


    This is the first ebay posting



    Sunday the 5th i will be posting an auction for holographic eyes in large, medium and small sizes. look for more over the coming weeks.





  2. Go for it man. Who care if it sells, who cares if anyone even looks at it. The have self publishing sites, I use www.hulu.com. Plus the best part is that it is free. So you don't even have submit it to anyone to have it rejected or accepted. I did a river/fishing journal a couple of years ago, I sold three copies, one I bought myself, and my mother bought the other two. The point is that you did it and it was your idea to do it. The only thing that I would suggest is that you put in the patterns that you use and the ones that you like. Don't depend on other people to send you patterns. That way it's personal. I am not sure if you have kids or not, but it would be really cool to pass on a book published by you to your kids. My journal I plan on giving to my kids. I use them and I enjoy them. I am sure that my kids will someday. I am sure that you will enjoy a book planned you by yourself, if anyone else does then that is just a bonus. BTW I will buy a copy if you publish.



  3. I made my own jig with adjustable pegs. That way you can vary the leader formula. I am still expirmenting with different configurations. I use old knotted leader forumlas as a guild for peg placement and thread wraps. they work out great. I also include an orange section for an indicator butt or tip. I use a blind stich thread, it has no "fuzzies". But I sometimes use mono or floro depending on what I want the leader to do. I also bought some mini tippet rings that I tie into the end. I usually put the rings on before I twist the thread, although I have been known to forget now and then. Check this site out http://furledleaders.proboards.com/index.cgi?

  4. You can actually use thread from a sweing shop, but it has to be thread that is use for blind stiching. It's called Guterman Tera and Skala. This thread dose not "fray" like normal sweing thread. It is usually really small, the same as 10/0. So it can only really be used is small flies. I also use it for making my own leaders, becuase of its strength, diameter, and the no fuzzies part. Pluss one spool will last you a lifetime. and it's cheap.



  5. First of all I would like to say that I WOULD NEVER SPEND $100 ON FLY LINE. Never never never.


    There are so many good options out there that don't cost that much money. I understand that companies today are struggeling(sp) and are having a difficult time making thier profit goals. But to do so by jacking up prices is the wrong way to do business. I am lucky, I live in Michigan an mostly fish rivers where distance is less important than stealth. I use a sa line that I bought on clearance two years ago for $20 bucks and I still catch fish with it.


    I just don't see the point of Sharkskins high cost.


  6. I think that mouse patterns need to be more impressionistic than realistic. Most of the time they are fished at night, so the profile of the fly, to me anyways, would be more important. Along that thought patttern, Fly Tyer had an article last spring on a mouse pattern. It use rabbit strips and a tandem hook, and foam. It foalts in the surface film and has a lot of movement. Nice pattern, real easy to tie and fished along banks, a real killler.


    I will post a pict of the fly to this tread later, if I remember. If not, I am sure you can look up the info on fly tyer's web site.


    Oh yeah, and if you don't start out the thread being defensive it would have never gone that way.



  7. Good Day,


    I have seen it done... apply a small amount of nail polish to the hook shank before wrapping the biot or quill.







    Maybe I am just more confident when I fish with them, but I catch way more fish on a quill body than I do a dubbed body. I do what Steelie does and put a SLIGHT amount of nail polish on the hook before I wrap it. I wind both ways depending on if I want a rib or not. If I want extra protection I will also counter wrap a small wire on the body as well. I know untraditional on a dry, but it doesn't effect the floatabilty much. I also die my own wild turkey quills for larger dries. Another alternative is deer hair bodies tied like the roberts drake.



  8. NO USED FLIES!?!?!?!?! IM OUT!.... just kidding.... Best Freakin Realtor (aka BFR) the bass fishing has been slow well slow for me cause I have not been in for freakin ever. But the steelhead fishing has bee good. I hope to get in to some of the fall smallie feeding time but we will see. So are you going to come visit the Michigan family this year? Maybe sometime around the beginning of December? or more like the first weekend of December?



    I won't be able to make it home until after the first week in Dec......................................................................Cause I will be in Mason for the Midwest fly tyers show. Actually I will be home for thanksgiving and I will be leaving again at the end of Jan. And I will be in Mason. To good of a show to miss. Besides they don't have steelhead here to fish for.





    Does this mean that I can give you my flies at the mason show. I am actually thinking about having a table this year.

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