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  1. They had this pattern a few months ago in American Angler. The featured Kelly Gallop's triger flies. Amoung some others are swimmy jimmy, zoo cougar, sex dongean. Really good article and some good patters. Randy
  2. I was going to tie a zoo cougar, but tt ties one way better than I do. I think that I am going to switch to a madonna. I may change my mind. It will be a Kelly Gallop trigger fly anyway. Randy
  3. I was using sulfurs and yellow roberts with some success also. I saw a lot of damseflys on the river so those might me an option as well. Good luck. Randy
  4. These are not pleasant pictures. This is the result of a metro river not being taken care of. The are is acutally on the very east side of Bloomer park in Rochester Hills Michigan. It is all very depressing really. To think that I use to catch rainbows through here drives me mad. I have asked around about getting the area cleaned up but I haven't got any response from anybody. Thought I would share the dark side of enviromental neglect.
  5. I don't know if I am suppose to do this or not. Normally I wouldn't post another forum link but this is a furled leader forum that has a lot of information that is not carried here. http://furledleaders.proboards26.com/ Please delete this post if I am in violation of any forum rules. Randy
  6. flytiers dungeon is also a good one, but they take a little longer. Randy
  7. Even in today's world of digital everything. I still like the old film cameras. Of coarse I have my own darkroom and I print all my own stuff. BUt that is besides the point. It will be a sad sad day when they stop making chemistry for photography. Randy
  8. strange, as long as you have a pdf reader you should be able to open and read it. randy
  9. If you go to McMaster.com They sell shims 1/2 shims in the correct thickness. They have good shipping and excellent service. I order a lot of stuff for my tool making from them. Randy
  10. Make your own. THey are really easy. I will find the post and bump it up for ya. Randy
  11. Mine should be going in the mail this weekend. Randy
  12. The Detroit zoo has tons of peacocks. I am always on the look out for stray feathers. The attendees get a little upset when they see you chasing around the birds.
  13. I haven't been out a lot. Most of the patterns I have tried that are new mostly don't work that well. The only one that I have tired that is new that works well is the swimmy jimmy. randy
  14. Here's a few that might help. http://stevenojai.tripod.com/instburkmin.htm http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/67692479ljEGDQ Hope they help
  15. I was in part one. It only seems fitting that I would be in part two. So, I'm in. Randy
  16. I am so sorry mine are going to be late. It is up to you wether or not you want to send them out without mine. It's cool, if you don't want to wait. They are on the way though. I sent them today. In my own defense, its been crazy mad at work and that is when I do most of my tying. Randy
  17. Here we go again. Know everyone is going to want to know where to get bigfoot hair. Randy
  18. I knew I was forgetting to do something. I will send the extra postage to you on the Dub Swap. That is if I don't forget. Randy
  19. Allow me to be the first to say that I am in. And I promise I get it right this time. Randy
  20. I'm sorry. I was going to finish mine this weekend and get them out. But I had a death in the family. My wife's uncle lost his 3 year battle with cancer on Thursday. The doctor said that the cancer and taken over his liver and spreaad to almost 60% of his spine. He was a very generous guy. He even came out of retirement to work as a forman for a shop so that he could give more money to Wild Wood ranch Campround outside of Howell Michigan. He will be very deeple missed. Anyways, I will finish them up and get them out asap. Randy
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