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  1. I would sugest using Chris Helm at www.whitetailflytieing.com. His number is (800) 579-5549. Great guy to work with. A budy of mine at work is in a fishing club with him. I am sure that he can help you with what you need. Randy
  2. I gust ordered a bunch of stuff from them also. You really can't beat the price. It is the first time I ordered. I knew that they could be slow, but I am hoping for fast. Randy
  3. :headbang: :headbang: I wasn't the last one. :yahoo: :yahoo:
  4. I guess I need the addy. They are done and ready to go. Randy
  5. Great job and thanks. Keep up the good work. Randy
  6. How are the heads made? Very cool flies. Randy
  7. I bu fur from a local taxidermy. He lives in the bad axe area of michigan. Sells me some good fur for cheep. I don't think he has tails though. And he doesn't die anything. Randy
  8. :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: :hyst:
  9. Looks like they would make the steelhead realy mad :headbang:
  10. Wow Chirs Helm, he's one of he best. I work with a guy that has Chris in his fishing club. Randy
  11. I would email the guys at j.stockards directly. They are very upstanding folks and will answer any questions directly. Randy
  12. I was wondering if there is any interest in a fly fishing/fly tying club for the South East/Detroit Area. I was thinking about organizing one. But before I do I want to know if there is an interest. It would be able to be at my house because I live in a condo. But I guess we can cross that bridge when we get there. Please post a reply and any sugjestions you might have for forming a club. Randy
  13. The wieght you use to catch killer wales. Just attach a seal imatation and you are set to go.
  14. Hey Day5 you live near Kallamazoo right . And by the way offering a date with sage8wt is not the way to get it my the 4th. :dunno: Randy
  15. Hey flytire, ever get to ride in those sub you build?
  16. any sporting good supply or store that sells inflatable mattress will have them. My local Meijer sells them. Randy
  17. Faster Fish


    I just bought a pair of columbia henry fork waders and the Cabelas lightweight boots with the spikes in them. Both from Cabelas. Couldn't be happier. I read a lot of reviews on the waders and they where the only 5 layer breathables I found in that price range. The have reinforced knees and a good front pouch. I got them both for 230 including shipping. Hope this helps. Randy
  18. Funny, I was just tying some elk hair caddis this weekend. I guess I will tie more. I'm in. Randy
  19. Do you need anything sent in to get the box going? I can send a few items if need be. Randy
  20. I am going to try to get mine out this weekend. Randy
  21. There is a woman at the Knotty Pine Inn in Baldwin Michigan. She ties flies for local shops that also get some of their flie from Rainy's Operation that is based in Denver but she has a factory in Chaing Mai Thialand. She might be able to give you some insights into the effect that you are looking for. I don't rember her name. She and her husband run the inn. Very friendly people, I usually stay there when I am in town fishing. Her number is (231) 745-9757. Randy
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