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  1. I got the box. Lots of stuff. It will go out on Tuesday or Wednesday. Randy
  2. No not yet. I was hoping to have it before the weekend. I am hitting the Ausauble this weekend. And will be out of town till Sunday night. Did it get mailed to me? I recieved no message that it was being sent my way.
  3. I may have been thinking them but I would never type them out. :devil:
  4. In Ionia Mi just of 96 there is a trackor/mechanic that shares a building with a strip club. I go by it and laugh everytime I go to my parents.
  5. Buy one of these http://www.alibaba.com/product/lvheming-10...ok_Machine.html
  6. Don't buy a kit, unless its a tool kit. You end up with a lot of stuff you will never use.
  7. I have been making my own for about two years now. I like them for most circumstances. The work well for large bugs like what was said above. I use them when the wind is high, becuase I can make them stiffer and help with cutting the through the wind. I mad a jig that is fully adjustable so I can make them any legnth up to about 12'. http://furledleaders.proboards.com/index.cgi? has a TON of information on it. Plus they are good about answering information. The guy that runs the forum sells leaders and I have bought a few from him and can attest to the quality of them. He uses mostly thread. The only real drawback from using furled leaders is that you get spray from the line on pick up. Some of this can be compensated for my using thread instead of mono or flouro. But you still get some spray no matter what you use. This fact makes it a little difficult when casting dries to weary trout. But if you are fishing hair bugs and castiing to panfish, this probabley won't be an issue. Some of the bennifits of using thread is that you can make any combinations of colors that you want. One of my favorite leaders is a brown one that perfectly matches the color of the Ausauble river. I treat one with watershed and grease the line for floating and others I just leave untreated for nymphing and streamers. The leader praticly disapears in the water. I am still experimenting with lenghts and tapers. I ramble, but I hope it helps Randy
  8. I don't believe you man. I've seen you fish. You may say you are fishing for trout, but we all know you are really fishing for bass. Especially the way you beat the water.
  9. I found this great site. www.lulu.com. I actually bought a class book from there. Anyways I put together my fishing journal that I posted a while ago and made it available to the public. You can look at it here, http://www.lulu.com/commerce/index.php?fBuyContent=6748352 . I think I might put together a hatch book as well. Randy
  10. Man, I got a long way to go before its my turn. :crying:
  11. I have to agree with the Two Hearted Ale, that is some good stuff. So is the Mad River Steelhead Double IPA. I am getting thirsty.
  12. Those look awesome. Great job!
  13. This is really fun http://sendables.jibjab.com/originals/big_box_mart
  14. Use to make the body on elk Hair Caddis. I works great. You can also stip the quill and it makes a great body on dries. Randy
  15. I have been working on my website over the past week and thought that you all would like to have a look at it. I redesigned the front page. It is still unfinished. I am going to add things like fly-of-the-month. Hatch charts for Michigan and possibely links to fishing reports for Michigan also. Any other sugestions would be great. Have a look and tell me what you think Randy http://www.fatbluegill.com
  16. I guess I need to get another hobby.
  17. I had fun. I didn't buy much. The seminars are always good. I enjoyed watching Jim Teeny. I am going tomarrow to watch some of the seminars that I missed today. Sometimes there are deals to be had. Randy
  18. Are you sure the tail on the deer hair bug shouldn't be red? Because I think you have a bit of Irish in you.
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