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  1. The pictures look great. I don't know if it is my monitor or not but the color contrast seems to be cranked up a little much.
  2. I tie at work also. Some nights it is the only thing from keeping me painting the walls in a nice blood red color. It gets boring some nights watching these mills go up and down. Randy
  3. I now have minty fresh breath and will be sending my flies out this weekend. Randy
  4. :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:
  5. Can I have your fly stuff when you die. :dunno: Randy
  6. I'm going to print this picture and everytime my wife yells at me about all the mess that I make I am going to show her this picture and tell her that at least I am not that guy. Thanks for posting and saving me hours of cleanup when I could be working on something usefull.
  7. I'm in. I love these things. Makes my wife roll her eyes, but who cares. Randy
  8. I finished my flies today. This is cool. I just have to find a box to send them in. I think someone at work is going to "donate" their altoids box. Randy
  9. What the heck I'm in. I am really bored right now. This will be my third swap. I really like the idea of doing this. Randy :yahoo:
  10. I just got back from a fishing trip to PM in Michigan and I didn't realize that I had been added to this swap. Please give me a few days to send out the flies. BTW thanks for adding me to this swap. I have just the fly for it. Randy
  11. 13 is fine for me also. I am never that lucky so I hope someone enjoys the 2d set. :crying: Randy
  12. Yeah :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: . I did and I am picking out the fly I want to tie as I type. After my salmon fishing trip to the Pere Marquette this weekend, I am going to tie them and send them off. Where do I send them? Randy
  13. O.K. This is my first swap. I am in if you will have me. randy
  14. Is it to late to get in on this? I would like to join this swap. It will be my first. Randy
  15. I know that I am not involved with this swap, but what drama. I would still take the risk of something like this happening in order to be involved with a swap of this scope. From the picture I saw, it looked like there is a lot of good stuff in there. Maybe if there is another one I will be able to get in on that one. Good luck and I hope it keeps going. Randy
  16. Faster Fish

    I am

    Not sure if this is selfish or not. I took my oldest son fishing for the first time when he was 3, the same with my youngest. The oldest is now 6 all all he talks about is fish and fishing. He even says he wants to be a tournament fisherman and a marine biologist. Anyways I did it so that when I am old and they have moved out they will call me to go fishing or talk about fishing. I want them to have the same pasion for as me. I will be teaching my oldest flyfishing in the spring. I am even going to let him help me build his first fly pole. SO is it selfish? Randy
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