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  1. I am really looking forward to this show. Randy
  2. I was going to say squirrel stew.
  3. Got the box and it is ready for BFR. When do you want to exhange the box, just pm me and we will set something up. Randy
  4. Yup, I was thinking that very same thing. Randy
  5. I use hydrostop. I soak the leaders in the solution when I make them and then let them hang dry. When I get to the river, I use a floatant as needed, but it is rarely needed. I use this method when I use thread, I use Guttermann Skala 360 mostly. Cheaper than buying spools of uni.
  6. I would be happy to be a fill in tier if needed, but I can't tie worth poop. At least not compared to the great talent we have on this site. But Iwould be willing to hang out and shoot the breeze both days. Randy
  7. These guys are always at the Michigan fly show in March. Great bunch of guys.
  8. Check this site out http://furledleaders.proboards26.com/. Lots of information.
  9. Finally got mine in the mail today. I didn't color the body of mine so that the individuals can color to "match the hatch." You will understand that when you see them. Cheers Randy
  10. My cat is now offended by PETA.
  11. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Fasterfish: Furled Sac Fry
  12. I HAVE to go carp fishing this year on the bay. Nice flies. With the down turn, and being unemployed. I have tied so many flies that I am thinking of selling those also. Randy
  13. Yeah I am sure he means a starling. The two are hard to tell apart sometimes.
  14. Wow, great fly. Well done
  15. It was a fun swap. I enjoyed being after Bustard. They guy tied some awesome flies. It was hard to put some back in the box. To bad he disapeared . I go for being in the next one. Randy
  16. I need a addy. They are done a waiting to be mailed.
  17. Thanks for all of your imput and sugestions. I think that I have some good ideas on how to proceed. I will post the results. Keep the ideas comming. Randy
  18. Hey, when did you show up here. You old sly dog you.
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