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  1. Here is one I caught on the South Branch of the Au Sauble River. The bandage is covering 10 stiches I got the night before the trip.
  2. Faster Fish

    3 word story

    Making everyone sick!
  3. Nice. I love those old holmstead shots. Elements did do a good job of stiching the photos together.
  4. Red squirrel = Pain in the arse little nuisance Fox squirrel = Some really good eating. IMHO
  5. Can I give you mine at mason? At least I have your # now. This time I can call you to find out where you are at while I am there.
  6. My brother fishes that area. Not sure if he has fished it lately. But he doesn't fly fish.
  7. I am going to start selling chris helms hair. I have to say that it is the best hair anywhere bar none. They guy knows everthing when it comes to dear hair. He processes his own hair and knows what to look for. Randy
  8. If I may be so bold, I sell a reel that you might be interested in. They are on my website http://www.fatbluegill.com. I import them from China. It is a mid arbor reel with some fairly low pick up speed. Another words it is not a real tippet breaker. It has smooth bearings and a really nice drag. It pairs real nice with a 3 or 4wt. I have one on a 3wt Matrix rod that I built and I also used it on a 3wt TFO Finesse rod. PM me if you have any questions. Randy
  9. ever set one up with a pinhole or a zoneplate. I always wanted to try but never got around to it. Your Holga work is among some of the best that I have viewed.
  10. I LOVE Holga cameras. I have one and have had some really cool looking shots from it. Yours is excellent.
  11. Another thing that I do is use clear streach cord that you buy at a craft store. I then color the cord with permenet marker color that I want to match the color of the bug in the water. Works really well and you don't have to buy all the colors.
  12. I'll be there. I have all kinds of time on my hands and I don't see it changing in the next couple of months.
  13. I was wondering where this is at. I would have thought I would have gotten the box in the mail by now. I could use some cheering up.
  14. Faster Fish


    It's auctions like this that make me wish that I had money
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