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  1. With me being out of work, I have done some work on my website. Have a look and tell me what you think. Randy http://www.fatbluegill.com
  2. Hey Bent, , I have my flies ready. Wanna meet sometime for fishing this week? I have a little more free time now. I found a great area on the Clinton river off from Ryan road. Maybe you have been there. :dunno: . Randy
  3. That is a great fly. Looks similar to a fly Day5 ties. I think he did a video of it that is posted at hatches.tv. His was more of a wooly bugger style. I am going to have to give these a try.
  4. Most hobby stores have spring wire. They also sell piano wire. You can also get some from www.mcmastercarr.com Randy
  5. I'm in. This is my third year being in this swap. I love this one. Randy
  6. I was thinking along this same line although I was pondering how I could flar the end of the brass tube a bit on both ends. I have also made my own fur zonker strip cutter, cuts about 8 1/4" strips out of any fur hide. I have made my own bodkins, ofcoarse who hasn't. The cool thing about bodkins is you can make them to fit your hand. Randy
  7. I use www.siteground.com as a domain provider. I really like them and they have a lot of programs that you can run on thier site. Programs like blogs, photo albums, shopping, anything that you want really. They also have tutorials on how to set things up. Check them out. I think they are something like $6 a month. Randy
  8. You have to love inspiration. I have a basement just waiting for me to turn into a man's cave. Randy
  9. Got mine today also. Great Magazine. I really liket the Royal Coachman piece. My Favorite fly by far. Randy
  10. My Brother lives in old Sacramento. Use to be a prison gaurd at the prison. Tell him to stop fishing for bass and start fly fishing. It is a shame that he lives so close to the American river and the Sac and never fishes them. Randy
  11. I'm only 3 1/2 years old
  12. So what's happening with this? Just curious. Randy
  13. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Fasterfish: Baby Rainbow
  14. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Fasterfish: Double Micky Finn
  15. Ok Here it is Hook: TMC 300 Tail: Dyed brown, olive and tan grizzly marabou (mixed); four strands of gold krystal flash; two pumpkin-colored sili legs Body: Medium chenille Rib: Brown dyed grizzly marabou Collor: Olive Grizzly marabou on top; gold gizzly marabou on the bottom; tow strands of gold flashabou Head: Black Conehead Legs: Pumkin sili legs Right out of his book Randy
  16. I got it at home. I will post it when I get home if someone does not before. BTW check out www.fatblugill.com/Flash.html the colors that I am going to carry. There are some typos but you get the idea. Randy
  17. I like the new one. BTW some of those spots look really familiar
  18. For the outdoor shot that you took I would definetly go down to a 200 or even a 100 speed film. I would maybe even invest in a polorizing filter. It will cut some of the glare off the water and make the sky more blue. A good book never hurts. I still use my film camera a lot. For reasons other than I am to cheap to buy a digital. Don't feel like you are missing out on something because you don't have a digital camera, because people where taking great photos with film long before digital.
  19. They are sounding off outside my door right now like crazy. Driving me nuts actually.
  20. My wife knows there are worst things that I could be involved in. She is mostly preaty good about my fishing habits. The only time she really gets upset is when I go on long fishing trips, 3 plus days, or when she feels that fishing has become more important to me than her. But I kinda tricked her a bit. I started a fly fishing business. So I am trying to make a little side money doing what I love. That way We both get what we want. She gets a little extra spending moeny and I get to spend more time envolved with fishing. I think the secret is not letting her feel like fishing is more important than her. And actually feeling that way. Your relationship with the wife is suppose to be the most impartant relationship in your life. Just my point of view. Randy
  21. I recently lost a fly box full of Wooly Sculpins and a box FULL of nymps. I feel your pain.
  22. Looks like Holland Michigan. I haven't been there in probabley 15 years or so. Randy
  23. Keel hooks are the only hooks I carry right now. I hope to add more eventually. I really depends how well these sell. How ever you want to do it is fine with me. Randy
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