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  1. I can ship them to Windsor. Can you pay through paypal? That would be the easiest. If you can't, just send me a money order with the total and what you want, and I will put them in the mail for you. Randy
  2. Here they are http://www.fatbluegill.com/hooks.html I am offering free shipping for right now.
  3. Still working out the kinks is supplies. Glad it worked for ya. I do have some more on hand that I sent to you. I send some more your way.
  4. The hooks are on thier way to my door as I type this. I should have them by the middle of next week. I will post a link to a page that you can place an order and pay via paypal. Thanks Randy
  5. I dropped it in the mail two weeks ago? Or there abouts. Randy
  6. That dude is TOAST!!!
  7. I got it on Saturday. I am going to send it out today. Randy
  8. I hope to have them in my hands with in a month. This is my first order from this supplier, so it maybe a little longer than that. I will be selling them through my website at http://www.fatbluegill.com. We can talk more about it when I get them in. Randy
  9. I was going to save this, but since the topic came up. I am in the process of ordering a large lot of 79666 keel hooks. I will be ordering 22,000 for my initial order. I will be caring sizes 8 to 2. I will be selling them in packs of 25 for 3.99 retail. These are the same hooks that Kelly Galloup ties his stacked blonde on. Randy
  10. Mr submarine man, aka flytire has some great patterns on his page. Most of them work great, for me that is. Randy
  11. Hareline sells premo packs. Don't buy the died on bleach stuff unless you have to have a solid color. I use died natural stuff and after trimming the colors look good. The white stuff for the died natural is just lightly bleached. To much bleach and it makes the hairs to brittle. But give Chris Helm a jingle and he will set you up with what you need. He is the #1 hair guy. IMHO
  12. They are turkey flats. You can use them for wings or wing post on dry flies. At least that is what I use the for.
  13. Have you tried diffusing the light? That usually helps in taking out some of the harsh cotrast. You can do it two different ways. One is to place a white sheet if front of the light source. I have made them from 1x1 pieces of lumber and stappled the sheet to the frame. You can also bounce the light of a white surface. Instead of aiming the light at the object you aim it at a white board and aim the reflected light back at the object. They use both techniques with portraits and product photography. The photographers that I have worked for always use on of the two. I don't think they ever used a direct light, unless they wanted a single light source and high contrast. You can also use both at the same time. Use the screen as a primary and bounce light back into the picture using a white board on the opposite side. Does this make sense. As far as the color. Most digital cameras have compesation settings for different light sources. I think that one of the problems with adjusting color in photoshop is that if you are not careful you can blast out the contrast. To me it is easier to get the color temp right before you go and change it in photoshop. You can make a good file bad, but you can't make a bad file good. Just substitute file for negative and that is what a profeesor of mine would say to me when setting up my camera for a shot. In the days befor digital, they used color filters to adjust the color temps. But you should stick to one type of light source. I also have taken vasoline and panty hose and streched them accross a spare filter to get a difussed look, before the days of digital and photoshop. Most of the time when I wanted to do that I did it in a darkroom, but that is another story. Randy
  14. How about posting the the material list Steve?
  15. Absolutely brilliant. http://www.grasshopperproducts.com
  16. This one might work. It uses e-zbody, marabou and hackle. It also has a rattle and and it is keel weighted.
  17. Yes a lacewing. DON"T KILL IT. It will eat the pest insects in your garden. Very helpfull bug.
  18. Nice flies. You must not be married.
  19. Yup. I'll let you know when I get it. Things are taking a bit longer to set up than I hoped. :dunno: Randy
  20. Hey is that the stuff that I sent you? Let me know if you need more. I a close to getting the stuff set up online. Randy
  21. Did you stack the marabou or did you palmer it?
  22. You guys are really selling me on the D300
  23. I hope that I dd something usefull. At least that was my intentions. But I started a new forum for the sole purpose of having a central place for fly fishermen to go and a a place they can research reviews on products. But it will only be as usefull if I can get some participation. So I thought that I would ask here and the other two forums for people to join and write review. Just read the rules and post. So please join and partake in what I hope will be something usefull. Thanks Randy http://www.fatbluegill.com/forum
  24. another vot for peacock hurl. It looks extreamly buggy underwater. I was just reading the micro bugger thread and I liked the black micro bugger with the peacock herl. I know just the place I am going to give it a try at.
  25. no wonder fish like to eat these bugs. They look Yummy
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