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  1. Sorry, none of the Uni olive dun on hand, just the Danville olive. .
  2. Very nice, love the New England stained water
  3. Not a great match, but the olive dun is probably the closest. Hard to tell on a computer monitor. I'll go through my desk and see if I have these two.
  4. That's kinda what I thought, but I didn't want to poke the 'squatch.
  5. A well deserved break. That's pretty cool, Steve. My daughter would give my right arm for that.
  6. Wow, got a great set of flies in the mail yesterday. Wish I had checked the mailbox before hitting the river, I could have put them to good use. Thanks to all who participated and @atxdiscgolfer for hosting.
  7. LOL, yeah. I've had that happen, even within the same day sometimes.
  8. Great idea! I'd love to see that in the water
  9. I've honestly never worried about an encounter with a snapper. Until reading through this thread, Thanks DF.
  10. It is unfortunate we don't get more activity here.
  11. Very nice, thanks. I may have to upgrade my smaller stream rod. Do you mind if I ask what blank?
  12. @DFoster, I couldn't agree more. Its actually not that far from there, a bit over 100 miles as the crow flies.
  13. Oh my Lord, now you've gone and done it. Without a doubt that rod was made for a fly fishing connoisseur of highly refined tastes who has reached the pinnacle of the sport. It would look right at home on the waters I prefer to fish. How would you describe the action on that rod, Steve? That really is a beauty.
  14. Fly Tyer's Dungeon He's got some good products and prices.
  15. Nice looking fly, C_T. I like the look of that possum hair.
  16. niveker

    Mayfly ID

    Mahogany dun - Isonychia bicolor, would be my guess
  17. I was kicking myself for not joining last year, even more so after all the great things said about it, so please sign me up: trout/panfish flies. Sending email now.
  18. Nice fish. I didn't mean to imply there aren't any, just that I don't believe I've caught any of them. I'm not sure the minimum size of stockies, I meant to ask last night at my fly tying meeting, but forgot. They way the DFW states it is: 'More than 75% of the trout will be over 12 inches.'
  19. I like those, Rick. What is the beautiful dun colored hackle on the left?
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