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  1. Funny you mentioned that, Doc. Back in the early 90's I spent a few years living in Santa Fe and one of the smells I reminisce about is the aroma from roasting chile stands set up on the sides of the road in the fall. Your pozole post reminded me of that, and my girlfriend at the time who's Mom made the best pozole rojo I tasted. Of course, being an eastern Yankee boy, that ain't saying much. I'd love to smell those roasting chiles again, but fresh bread still smells like home to me.
  2. I've got about 7 bucktails sitting in my freezer waiting to be dyed, so looking forward to some answers to you question.
  3. Mmmm - nothing says 'home sweet home' like the smell of baking bread.
  4. Great SBS Chug. I'll have to read it a few more times to digest all that info. Very well done. Love the little roaming signature, I'm still trying to find where you hid it in step 5.
  5. 👍 nicely done. A 'Royal' anything is hard to beat sometimes. I keep a few of the various versions in my box.
  6. Very nice. As I'm not real familiar tying this style, the purpose of the series of dubbed pillows is what?
  7. Thanks CP. That one's about 5". I think I'll tie up a few more, but a bit shorter and with cheap Chinese saddle hackle. Let me know how you do with yours.
  8. I have not, though I see that style often enough, I should give it a shot.
  9. Well done, and a fine photo to boot.
  10. Yes, I know the place well, I used to pick up bar shifts there during the Christmas and wedding seasons. The oldest authentic, operating roasting jack in the US, so they say, from the 1700's. Quite a bit of history there. They'd make the chowder in big cast iron pots for the special feasts. LOL
  11. Nice flies everybody. Nice legs @poopdeck, have never seen that before. I like using glass beads, they seem to work well as a thorax. The only drawback is they will occasionally break, especially on bigger nymphs fished in fast water. The latter did really well for me this past spring.
  12. At the end of the day, as long as the thread keeps going, that's good enough for me. I'm really enjoying it
  13. Next challenge: MARCH BROWN - wet, dry, flymph, winged wet, soft hackle - your choice.
  14. I'm game - you probably meant a more traditional flatwing streamer, but I've had this pattern kicking around in my head. I will use it on freshwater or salt when I have the chance again. A weekday evening is probably not the best time to attempt a new pattern like this, due to time restraints, but not too bad for a first attempt, IMO. Flat Wing Gurgler Hook: #4, 3xl Thread: pale olive mono-cord. Tail: olive bucktail, flashabou, 2 grizzly olive saddle hackles Rear skirt: olive marabou Body: black over yellow craft foam Body Hackle: grizzly olive. I think next time I will leave the more traditional Gurgler head, and move the fly further back on the hook.
  15. Nice pattern, I bet it does well. I was recently reading, can't remember where but it might have been in one of Whitlock's books, that when dislodged from the bottom a stonefly will curl up when dead drifting, as you noted. Also, the lighter colored stones have recently molted and their bodies are softer, which apparently the trout can recognize. Not sure if I agree with that, though.
  16. I didn't mean to imply anything with my comment. I've really enjoyed it thus far and I'm happy to see anyone posting a fly to this thread, the more merrier. I've never even looked at view count, thanks for pointing that out.
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