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  1. You are correct, it is fishing very well right now. Nice fish, especially that brookie.
  2. Excellent, thank you. I will have to put some time aside to give this a shot.
  3. Nice, Rick. Time to get the cast iron smoking. Nice variety there, very cool looking fish. My brother and I hit two local streams on Sunday, trying to stay in the shade and in the water to beat the first real heat this season. All stocked trout, a few fallfish, and some bass and bluegills.
  4. I too was a little lost with the directions. Always appreciate your unique approach, @salmobytes
  5. While shore fishing the neighborhood lake Friday evening I struck up conversation with another fly fisher in his kayak and of course we're talking about what we have tied on. He's only here on week-ends and he forgot his fly boxes, so he fishing a piece of foam pipe insulation tied on a hook with a red feather, as that was all he could scrounge up, and he's catching bluegill and bass on every cast, LOL. So yeah, you can keep it simple and dumb it down to the very basics, but I really enjoy the read when a new member ask a question like this and everyone chimes in with their years of experience and opinions.
  6. Very nice. As are those Lindgren ties, @flytire. Thanks for posting those.
  7. That does sort of ring a bell, now that you mention it. Thanks for the additional info Kim.
  8. Funky proportions for sure, Kimba, but I can see that catching fish. Those Michiganese really like their deer hair. I always thought that parachute style originated much later than 1959, not sure where I came up with that idea.
  9. Nice backyard, Steve. Has that English cottage garden feel to it. I've always been fascinated by that bonsai thing, pretty cool.
  10. Thank for explanation, @TightFlies. The tagging seems like a good feature.
  11. Glad is wasn't something serious. If you need to get even healthier, you can come do my tying desk too.
  12. Welcome to the site Josh. What is the benefit of your app over someone using an Excel spreadsheet or an inventory in Word?
  13. Oft times on small narrow streams, its the choice of the lesser of two evils: the risk of lining them with a cast from down stream, or announcing your presence from up stream. Easier to mask your presence from up stream when the trees and undergrowth are full of leaves. . Its less of a concern in faster broken water like in the center of DF's 2nd photo, as opposed to the nice calm pool in the 3rd. The former will also usually have a surprising bit of depth to them. Less chance of the the fish seeing or being seen.
  14. I have 8 or 9 of them, I have a barely controlled addiction to them
  15. Sounds like a great afternoon.
  16. Thanks DF. I think I'm going to enjoy fishing it. Next one I'm going to try to do myself.
  17. I have one too, a nice rod. I use that or my 7' on small streams. Very cool photos @SilverCreek, interesting info as always. I'm always awed by the amount of hard work and the danger the old timers were subject to on a daily basis. Of course, I could be wrong, but I would say that stream is too small for floating logs and the distances and spring run off in this part of New England weren't so great as to make it feasible. Looks like there may be an old stone wall off to the right in the first picture. My money's on it being a part of a support for an old cart path bridge, to help secure a log beam maybe. Something must have spanned the stream at that location.
  18. I sure hope its a positive thing for you.
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