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  1. LOL - that one always give me a good chuckle. I had similar thoughts at the altar years and years ago.
  2. An old spring fed well Almost a cave with some old engravings. The engravings are probably the coolest thing I've come across in the woods in a long time.
  3. That's a good day, Captain. Nice fish pics.
  4. Nice work Steve. I like that brighter green blank color.
  5. Awesome work there Mister.
  6. Rayon should burn and leave an ash, as the base material is cellulose from wood or cotton.
  7. If I ever get out fishing this season, I'll let you know.
  8. Very nice. The palmered silver pheasant really does the trick.
  9. Any idea who the maker was?
  10. Wasn't WFC originally in PA? Looks like the new owner of the company is in AR. The knock off is in PA. I'd stick with the original and not just because of the prices. Crap like that tees me off.
  11. That should be enough time for me to get me tying stuff unpacked. I'm in.
  12. Interesting read, SilverCreek. Some sage advice at the end by Mr Vincent. Seems like they got off relatively easy, still unfortunate though.
  13. I love my Pflueger Medalists: 1492, 1494, 1494-1/2, 1495, 1495-1/2, 1498. It's what I use 90% off the time. I'll never pass up a reasonably priced Medalist, another sickness I have. I've never used an automatic reel. I should pick one up just for fun.
  14. My opinion: the best knots to use are those you feel confident tying. For me those are, in no particular order: double Davy, non-slip loop, improved cinch.
  15. Welcome. Very nice ties. Love those muddlers, I'm not a fan of the tightly packed heads you mostly see these days. 👍
  16. Yeah, it doesn't appeal to my refined sense of style.
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