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  1. This is a good tip. I started doing this on my looped line to leader connections a few years back. I'm not sure why it isn't more common. Saves the loop on the fly line and makes the connection smoother for less hang ups when going through the guides, especially the tip top.
  2. $22 shipped in US, PayPal preferred, or money order. I ordered this last year, meaning to order the Apex jaws instead. In the meantime I purchased a Renzetti vise and completely forgot about this. New, unused Wolff Atlas repair kit - includes a new set of jaws, roll pin, set screw, allen wrench, and instructions. $22 is what Wolff charges for the jaw replacement kit, plus an additional $10 for shipping, so save yourself the 10 bucks shipping.
  3. I started using same about halfway through last season on some of my set-ups, with Borger's uni-leader system. No troubles so far.
  4. That was good winter, LOL. As I recall, my snowblower had trouble getting the snow above the banks. Had to shovel my roof off too.
  5. Real nice, flytire, real purdy. You are on another roll.
  6. Yeah, that bothers me more than the cold temps. Definitely warmer than normal here in central MA, but certainly not snowier. I don't think the grass has been hidden under the snow for more than a day or two. But like you, I don't want to speak too soon, our 'Monster Blizzard of '78' did happen the end of January, so anything is still possible. .
  7. 👍 Good decision, sign me up. But if it goes over 6, I will give up my slot. My thinking: Swaps on this site are pretty active, and seem to be getting more so, which is good, I love it. It seems we always have at least 2 or 3 going on at one time, also good. I prefer a 2 fly swap over a 1 fly swap. That said, I would rather join two different swaps @ 12 flies/swap, than one swap @ 24 flies. Spreads the wealth, so to speak. Any old who. Right now I'm thinking a Grizzly King streamer/ nymph or Patriot dry/streamer pattern, but will update with a final verdict after going through what I have on hand.
  8. I'm with with you, George, I enjoy learning the history of flies and fly tying. I wasn't trying to be snarky, I'm glad you didn't take it as such. I really thought I might have been missing something. - Kevin
  9. Lawdy, lawdy. It's rabbits wool and partridge, a March brown spider, described by Dame Juliana Berners 500+ years ago, or am I missing something? Nevertheless, yours looks like a fish catcher for sure, George.
  10. Nice flies. I tied a couple of these up a while back. I used an olive body for the body. It looked so good in the water to me, but not to the fish, evidently. Wrong time, wrong water, maybe. I should try them again. That is a pretty fly. I would love to hear how it fishes.
  11. Looks good, even the hackle, but I know what you mean. I struggle with wrapping parachutes too. A little scruff to the body is a plus in my book, and yours is certainly not overdone.
  12. That's a beautiful fly for a tribute, Norm.
  13. 👍 Simple and buggy, hard to beat.
  14. Just one? Looks nice and plump. Good to see, good memories of hunting with my Dad and brothers back in the day.
  15. Oh, yeah, you better name the next challenge, although @woodenlegs has probably already got it tied.
  16. Nice job, I like the color choice too. I attempted it twice last night before bed and both looked like poo. I'm gonna have to get it right though, as all who use it seem to have a high opinion of it, like @Sandan.
  17. Thanks @sandan, I meant the two bunches of hair from the same stack, butt and tips. Just came across Charlie's video, will watch it again before I make another attempt. I wasn't doing the consolidation wrap, I'll see if that helps. Thanks. 👍 Looking forward to seeing yours. I was just using Aunt Lydia's in light gray for the wing, probably any sparkly synthetic yarn will do the trick.
  18. Interesting, but not surprising, especially when you consider the huge discrepancies in hook sizing that's prevalent and accepted, as well as line and rod weight designations. I don't use beads often, and when I do they are brass or glass. Probably the same with brass, though, I would imagine.
  19. Kind of a fiddly tie, with that parachute hackle around the two bunches of elk hair while navigating around the dubbing ball, but it seems well worth the effort from the great reviews. Been trying it out, but with less than spectacular results so far. I don't want it to turn into a week-long wait like my last one, so anyone feel free to jump in.
  20. 👍 - The classics are always good for a chuckle.
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