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  1. LOL, yeah, I need one of those indexes for my tying desk also.
  2. Funny, I do this with my hound/yellow lab mix and my sister's Great Pyrenees, so I have bags full. It actually takes a color (Kool-Aid) really well.
  3. niveker

    Corn Bread

    Wow, great to know these differences, and some great new corn meal recipes to try out. Great replies. I forgot all about spoon bread, my son and I are the only ones who enjoy it, but he's moved away, so I haven't made it in a while. And buttermilk, I always use it when I can find it.
  4. Very nice, thanks for the pics.
  5. niveker

    Corn Bread

    Okay, so now I'm confused. I know corn bread is baked, either as muffins or as a loaf. Fritters and hush puppies are fried in oil. Whats the difference between those two?
  6. They are tough, which makes them so much fun to fish. I have noticed a few of the sunfish I have taken this spring with missing earflaps, don't recall seeing that so often before
  7. Very nice. Sounds like a great day, beautiful little trout. Mother Nature's ability to heal herself is astounding sometimes.
  8. True, but some are gooder than others. 2nd week in April is the latest I remember seeing snow in my area. Flurries here this AM, temp is 32 with a high of 42 predicted today. I don't mind fishing in these temps in December - March, but it seems wrong in May
  9. Nice ties there, denduke. How often do get a neck like that from you daughter's roosters? That's really great.
  10. Very nice, GC, very nice.
  11. LOL, thats exaclty what my daughter said when I show them to her. I'll probably put keep them for inspiration on my tying desk. I actually prefer smaller brooks and streams when fishing.
  12. Thank you, John. It looks like a pretty simple tie, and obviously effective. I have a ton of those pheasant neck feathers, too. I'll have to stock up on that variegated chenille, I use a similar one on a Tequeely
  13. niveker

    Corn Bread

    Ah, fritters, haven't had those in a while, we also called them hush puppies. Thanks for the reminder. I either make muffins or do the pre-heated cast iron skillet for a round loaf. Not sure how people got away from cooking on cast iron, but I have a pretty good working collection. Never cared for that plastic coated stuff. netabrookie, I've seen some recommend taking a palm sander to those pans to smooth out that texture, but I haven't had the need to do it yet.
  14. Looks great flytire, those glass eyes are a real upgrade.
  15. I just posted this in the 'Classic Stealhead Fly Swap' thread recently hosted by DarrellP, but I thought I wold also post it here also. These are the flies tied by the participants, not me. Beg pardon if the rules prohibit posting this twice.
  16. Received an excellent package yesterday, works of art all of them. As promised, a photo of the flies: Thanks to all who participated, and to DarrellP for hosting, I hope your move goes smoothly.
  17. niveker

    Corn Bread

    Yeah PD, I love it that way too, but everyone one else in the house, not so much. Consider yourself lucky, you never had to deal with the bland, texture less stuff they try to pass off up here in the North.
  18. Had a few minutes to shore fish down at the lake this evening and thought it was about time to tie on one of the flies I received from this swap. Caught a few sunfish and on the last cast a nice crappie. Not sure of the tier, but thank you, nicely done!
  19. niveker

    Corn Bread

    I know alot of members here are from the South, so feel free to comment as needed, but as a someone who grew up in New England where traditional boiled dinners ("Ma, when's dinner gonna be ready?" "When its done boiling!") and Wonder Bread were staples, I appreciated the food when I moved to the South. Unfortunately, when I moved out of the South and started cooking for myself, the one dish I could never get quite right was corn bread. It was the texture that was never correct. Then someone recommended this brand of corn meal in the photo. I think the key is 'stone ground'. It's just like I remembered (except for the color), and if there are any left-overs, they're even better the next morning toasted on the griddle with butter. The moister, sweeter recipe version on the back of the package is what I prefer.
  20. From your description, with the exception of the signed book, it sounds like you have one of the millions of cheap 'kits' produced and sold back in that era, with the materials packaged in cellophane wrappers. Clear pictures would definitely help.
  21. Oy veh, twist my arm. I'm in, #14 fox squirrel nymph, most likely. Will update if it changes.
  22. I'll post some photos when received, and let you guys be the judge of my photo skills.
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