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  1. Wow, excellent paint job Steve. That first one was a great movie.
  2. Thanks DF. Maybe that's my problem, mine are pretty plain Jane. Nice pheasant tail nymph!
  3. Hate to admit it, but I'm enjoying these.
  4. Just to clarify - I was simply expressing my opinion that may or may not agree with others here. That doesn't mean that I'm upset by or have any animosity toward anyone who has a different opinion. Sorry if I gave that impression. I'm always happy to join a swap that piques my interest. I am equally happy to give up my spot if the # of swappers exceeds the stated limit. I would much rather have a more numerous and diverse group of participants in the swaps here, even if that means I may have to sit one out. Doesn't bother me in the least. As to the 'its just one more fly', I agree. But for someone like me with limited tying time and relatively limited experience, when tying up a new to me pattern, (which I try to do for most swaps) it's not uncommon for me to spend more (often way more) than 30 minutes on one fly. I may not have the right materials that the original pattern calls for, I may not have the correct hook, so I substitute. I like substituting. I may not have that particular technique needed down pat to tie that fly. So I muddle through and when I finish I think a different hook (longer, shorter, different style) or a different material may look better. So I take the razor to it. Or I think its not good enough to enter into swap. So I take the razor to it. Or I may get 4 or 5 done, and then decide I don't really like what's coming off my vise, so those get ripped and I start over. (This just happened with the pattern I chose for Darrell's most recent swap, so now I'm back to square one.) Or the two I just tied somehow have different proportions than the two I tied up two nights ago - where's the razor? And I rarely tie more than 2 flies at a sitting, often only one, sometimes even a half, due to time restraints as well as other factors. So for me its not a simple matter of just 5 or ten more minutes per fly. No rant here, its just my rational. My opinion is not meant to cause offense, to create animosity, or to upset. It's just the boat I'm in. I'm comfortable in it, and I'm happy to be sailing it on this forum, and the occasional wave makes it fun, too. I'll still join as many swaps as before, but I'll preface my entry as Flytire does, with no bad feelings either way.
  5. I keep coming back to look at this. Reminds me of a hussied-up Grizzly King, one of my favorites.
  6. That looks good. I've never tied one, and have never had much luck with a prince nymph, but would probably leave the rubber legs off also if I did. What's your usual dubbing choice?
  7. Nice, I can count on one hand the number of times I've tied one of these on in our area. Do you have much luck with them?
  8. That's some involved tying by Gunnar and Bob Popovics, which comes as no surprise. Thanks for the link
  9. Nice fly and nice bit of history in that link, thanks @flytire
  10. Just dreary here in New England, hardly any snow to speak of so far, 30s daytime, 20's nightly, some ice on the lakes and ponds but nothings safe.
  11. 40 degrees is my threshold.
  12. If you're going to fish it, then finish it as is, it won't matter. If you're doing it for practice or show, well, then, you know the answer.
  13. LOL - I found my glasses and put them on. Very nicely tied, Sandan. Thanks niveker, I know that no glasses thing works.
  14. niveker

    Juke Box

    LOL - love that letter, YOU BET!
  15. wow, really nice Steward, and that ravpin is awesome.
  16. Here you go, Saturday night's dinner one sausage and bell pepper pizza, one 4 cheese pizza, and a side of pepperoni bread.
  17. Thank you. I enjoyed tying that, and learned a little. I was never really sure what made a deceiver, a deceiver.
  18. Welcome to the site and kudos for your fly donations.
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