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  1. I would have a chat with them. Their written response seems to fly in the face of those saying they'll honor the warranty, essentially "Yeah, that can be replaced, order it here and put it on yourself." Also, would not dismantling it by yourself effectively void the warranty, as per their 'fine print'? Or maybe I'm just a cynical curmudgeon.
  2. Purdy. It'll be a few more months before we have any color up here besides different shades of gray.
  3. Thats some good work getting all that material tied in without making it look like a blivet.
  4. Nice. Reminds me of the 'secret fly' from the back-woods of Maine, the Slim Jim
  5. A bit more impressive when you can hear and feel the roar of the falls.
  6. Agree with all that's been said, great use of pheasant feathers.
  7. I probably posted this before, my current best fishing bud, Huckleberry:
  8. niveker

    Flyfishing Show

    I will probably go to the Marlboro show depending on weather and other happenings, haven't been in quite a few years.
  9. 👍 Really like that cast iron pizza pan
  10. Sweet - I'll take a bakers dozen, send them to DarrellP for me. Perfect proportions, as usual Norm.
  11. Of course, that makes perfect sense, I should have known. Thanks.
  12. Me neither, Mark. I appreciate your first hand account. But I did end up spending way too much bandwidth looking for as much info as I could find about this pattern. Some info came from 3 different posts at the Small Stream Reflections bog http://smallstreamreflections.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-picket-finnthanks-fran-and-mark.html http://smallstreamreflections.blogspot.com/2013/01/mystery-fly-identified.html http://smallstreamreflections.blogspot.com/2013/01/mystery-fly-identified.html In the first of those posts, Alan, aka Brook Trout, is looking for the name of the fly he purchased in Fran Betters' fly shop, he doesn't say when, but the blog post is from 1/2013. In the comments section a gentleman who claims to have tied for Fran's shop identified it first as an 'Ausable Picket Pinn' and then corrects that to 'Ausable Picket Finn'. The same commenter has a website selling the fly pattern: http://shop.strykerscustomflies.com/Ausable-Pickett-Finn-PF.htm A second poster in the same comments sections, who also claims to have tied for the shop, identified it as a 'Bead Picket Finn' In the second blog post, Alan confirms the name of the fly as 'Picket Finn' with Jan Betters, Fran's wife. It also appears that Alan, aka Brook Trout, is using deer hair for the wing. The third post is simply a consolidation of info in the first two. Also, when going though Fran Betters' old website via the Wayback Machine, I came across a pdf of the Spring 2006 newsletter "Ausable Currents". There is a picture and short blurb about the fly on the second page: No mention anywhere of the wing material in the pattern. Squirrel tail? deer hair? kip tail? How does all this square with Mark's photos of the Picket Finns above? Or his link to the April fly of the Month Picket Finn? I have no idea, so I'm going with the Spring 2006 newsletter version.
  13. Nice, I would have taken a stab at it but I would have had to use a cone head.
  14. Thanks guys. I'll be trying to stick to a schedule of at least one loaf a week during the winter. Not sure i could give up bread, well i suppose i could if i had to, but it would be tough.
  15. I'm with @Woodenlegson this. Swaps are posted with a specified number of swappers which should be adhered to, IMO. The board is plenty active in the swap category that no one will be swap-less for long.
  16. My son was home over the holidays using up the starter in the bread machine and for pizza dough, its actually his starter he began when he was home between the army and a job. Now that he's gone back, I was able to make a presentable sourdough boule.
  17. Changed again - I should just keep my trap shut.
  18. Thanks Mark. I have searched his old site on the Wayback Machine and did not come across that page, but I'm pretty sure the pattern referenced in that link is a Picket Pin CP got it right in his post above, I believe. A photo of the fly tied by Fran's shop is on the late Brook Trout's blog Small Stream Reflections.
  19. No, 13. You don't get one of the flies you tied back.
  20. No, 12. You don't get one of the flies you tied back and MuskyFlyGuy didn't sign up for the swap, @DarrellP just hasn't updated the list to reflect that.
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