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  1. The theme for this one is leeches Let's keep this swap limited to hook sizes 14 to 20. Tie up the pattern that you never leave home without and do the swap thing with standard swap rules. I would like at least 8 for this swap, with a maximum of 12. Send 12 flies you wIll not get yours back. Duedate will be September 30th will give address when swap is set 1. Vicrider Buggaboo 2. Trouttramp 3. fishingbobnelson 4. WWKimba 5. DarrellP 6. stabgnid 7. Johnw1986 8. flytire Mayer’s Mimi-leech 9. niveker Hale Bogg 10. 11. 12. It’s looking like this swap is a go, give it till August 12th to get final number
  2. Received my flies today got some great flies thanks
  3. Flies in the PO pony express Saturday 9500111627512204160609
  4. Please put me in on number 6 i remember this song root-beer midge flies are on there waY 9500111627512204160616
  5. Got a great bunch of terrestrials in the post Saturday when I arrived home
  6. Got a great bunch of flies in the post Saturday
  7. I’m in tying Tony Spezio’s Chili Demon Fished on the White River
  8. Thanks for the update and it’s not a problem for me
  9. I’m in thanks my midge: guess you’d call it a Patriot Midge
  10. I just go home and open some flies odd that they weren’t in my post envelope or box, looking at Niveker post and I don see my fly Great bunch of flies though
  11. Flies have flown the coop coming from South Texas tracking # 9500114231722158272183
  12. I’m in put me down for beetle’s and number 6 please omg a request /. Flies have been posted
  13. Hopefully everyone will have a great holiday weekend
  14. Woodenlegs

    Fly tyers

    Im with you Nelson I just love tying flies and seeing the other tyers flies good and bad. I even take my travel vise and tools on vacation, as in the BS swap so I can get my flies done on time and give me something to do Rick are you goi to get back in?
  15. Yes we only ended up with 9 total tyers
  16. I think these we’re yours sorry
  17. Woodenlegs

    Fly tyers

    Just wondering what happen to some of the tyers that used to tie with us? Peggy Breaner. Joyce Westphal. Iain Short. Jack Lehman Martin Westbeek. Nick Runarsson. anyone???
  18. Ok guys I missed up Skeet3t wasn’t signing up so there’s 9 tyers counting me due to the one person medical condition and Skeet3t out sorry all flies will go to the Pony Express on Monday thanks to all whom participated. Woodenlegs
  19. I’ve had a tyer that has had to pull out due to medical reasons. if anyone wants to jump in is all good except the due date is still the same Woodenlegs
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