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  1. not leaving enough room to tie off a nice head on a fly...and breaking thread!
  2. Received my flies in the mail yesterday. Awesome looking set of flies...looking forward to fishing with them. Thanks for hosting breambuster!
  3. Well I don't think I ever gave a update on my hackle wrapping form the winter tying so I'll give one now. After trying each one of the methods people suggested, I've found wrapping two hackles at once to be the easiest. Sometimes it can be a pain with one hackle twisting when the other one doesn't, but overall, it seems to work out best that way. Thanks for the help everyone! Hope spring fishing season is treating you well.
  4. Got my set yesterday in the mail, thanks for a great swap and hosting! Can't wait to fish with these buggers.
  5. Just got the flies in the mail yesterday. They look awesome! I'm excited to try them all out fishing in the coming weeks. Rogueflies, I really like your Mack's Canyon pattern!
  6. GP flyfisherman, thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Hope it catches some good fish for you.
  7. Thanks ! It was fun tying the Rapidan. I never worked with calf tail before so I'm glad I had a chance to tie with it. It definitely isn't easy to work with!
  8. Finished up my flies, just need a address for shipping.
  9. Thanks for explaining what you do Al Beatty! I'm going to give that a try and see how it works out with some adams. I never though to end one of the hackles early to create a neater, smaller head at the end with one hackle stem tie off as opposed to two. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the tips flyty1. I've always had trouble whip finishing parachutes on the hook shank but i'll have to give half hitches out. When I do whip finish I always trap hackle on the hook shank so I normally just whip finish on the actual post instead of shank to avoid this. Anyways, thanks again!
  11. Shipped my flies out, should get to you by Saturday they estimated.
  12. I'm all set, just need a address for shipping.
  13. Quick question, does it matter if the 3 wild cards are the same or should they be 3 different buggers?
  14. Thanks for the tips. I tried a few of the above methods and so far I think I've got wrapping two at once down. Flies have been turning out decent so far. I also like the single wrap, with leaving a space in between the wraps for the second feather. Although, I definitely need more practice with that method.
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