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  1. she sure is purdy!! slender and sleek with nice flowing hackles....love it.
  2. I like them all, they are sweet!! The heads on all of them seem elongated, as if you tried to cover some blank space on the shank. I like the shape of the head, just shorten the length of them. The little bit of shank showing won't bother the fish and it will give you room for a riffle hitch if you use that knot. It looks like you have the body hackle wrapped in front of the ribbing. It should be behind the ribbing....the fish won't mind but that is how it was traditionally wrapped. Try to tie your bronze mallard spey wings to come slightly down the sides of the hook shank, right at the head. Tightlines!! Frank
  3. Please refer to my flies in the fly tying database. I have various pics for the spey flies if you click on each one.
  4. Wonderful Paul!! Bet that baby would swim nice. I like the colors and the barring.
  5. looks like your ready to fish in this
  6. Don't know how I missed this one......I'll blame it on steelhead fever..... They are both gorgeous for your first efforts at spey flies. I really enjoy the taper in the rear part of the bodies as it "grows" into the front half of the fly. You don't always have to cross rib the hackle either. It is nice for that extra touch of durability and peace of mind when you've spent quality time on a fly you plan to fish. 2 weeks ago my father and I were spey fishing for steelhead with some spey flies that I had tied without counter rib and not one of the stems broke due to fish. If you choose to use a cross or counter rib and don't want it to stand out, try using very fine mono like 2lb test or 10/0 if it is on a thread spool. Have fun with the next one!! Frank
  7. Very pretty fly and it has fish me written all over it!! Sweet tie!!
  8. Looks alot better.....give yourself more than enough room for the head on the next one. I'd rather see some shank over a crowded eye. The fish won't mind however..LOL
  9. Looking pretty good....here is what I see. Use less GP tippet fibers for the tail...the length is fine, but I wouldn't make it any longer. The main wing ( I assume is turkey) could have a few less fibers as well. I like the body sections, just be sure to leave more room for the head next time. We can't tell you what it might resemble......your the tyer/artist. Do some more research on Steelhead and their food sources from birth in the river, to their life in the sea. Think about what they look like and how those food items move, then choose your materials accordingly. I would say your fly could be viewed as a shrimp, but I'm no steelhead. Keep tying!! Frank
  10. Nice Jamie.....looks like he's been in the river for a while....colored up. Keep swinging when you have room.
  11. Awesome!! Good steelie pattern for when the kings die off.
  12. Those are HOT Ray...I like them alot...all of them...other post too!! Don't know why, but I think your going to get your biggest lake run brown of the year on one of those!! Frank
  13. First and foremost....Thank you for protecting our country and our freedom!! Flies that are good for all species: Stoneflies - black, rust, brown Hare's ears and prince nymphs (add a touch of hot color somewhere in the pattern......i.e. tail, thorax, wingcase) large caddis pupa comets - chartreuse, pink, orange egg flies - take your pick, there's a ton to choose from Wooly buggers and egg sucking leeches estaz flies The cohos seem to prefer bright colors like pink although the combination of red and black is good too. Kings like bright patterns and dark patterns. I use bright patterns in the morning and switch to more natural looking flies during the afternoons. Browns and steelies will take a variety of flies. Once they are in the river and know eggs are around they will hunt for them. They are also trout so don't be shy about swinging streamers and classic style flies....just hold on!! Flesh flies are good too!! Good Luck!! Frank send me a pm if you have more questions.
  14. OOOOOWEEEEE those babies will look good crawling around in the water very hot!! Frank
  15. playing around with some material.....keeping it basic, nothing crazy The body is all mohair from Mr. Daly........I think need another lb. ?!?!?!?!??! The ribbing is mini sparkle braid. Arctic Fox for the first collar. Some blue eared pheasant dyed a dark shade of green, cheap sparkly dubbing for the throat, 4-6 peacock herls dyed bright green below 4-6 olive ostrich herls, front collar is irridescent blue/green breast feather from a peacock. The others are very similar with some varitions here and there.
  16. Your really banging them out shaq!! Heading up Labor Day? I'll be around.
  17. Awesome flies Geoff!! Won't be long now.
  18. I really like the ones with the long tails!! The Haugurs!! Gonna try some of them for great lakes steelhead. Thanks Bob!! Looking forward to seeing more patterns. Frank
  19. Looking good!! Try to make each one better than the previous.....no doubt they will catch fish though!!
  20. They look great....I like the various hooks, tubes, sizes etc... Can't wait to see more patterns from your new book.
  21. Looking good...don't forget to clean those eyes before you hit the river. A touch of krystal flash or flashabou would look great on the marabou one.
  22. Neat ideas and cool flies!! would be good for the saltwater too.....
  23. It was fun and interesting......a lot of great people and it was nice to meet some of the guys I've met online. It was just the right size because you could talk to all of the reps one on one and the presentations by each of them were excellent. Here are some pics:
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